Look Inside The Home Planner Pack!

Let's keep the sneak peeks coming. What do you say? On the schedule today...The Home Planner!

The Home Planner pack is a stylish, organizational tool that can be easily added to your Happy Planner™.  Each package contains 45 sheets and includes 4 tabbed dividers with To Do Lists, Meal Planners, House Cleaning schedules and Budgets.

Take a look as I walk you through the Home Planner and all of it's organized goodness!


  • Dionne N Cyrus

    I’m a Mini Planner, and Your home planner pack is an ESSENTIAL organizational tool that simply needs to come in Mini, Classic and Big. When are you bringing it back, and would you PLEASE produce it in MINI size⁉️🙏🏾

  • Maggie

    Is this no logg be er available?

  • Tiffany Bedwell

    I’m very new to THP. I’ve done my research on it and I love love love it!!
    My only concern is I purchased THE Jungle Vibes Stay Wild18 month, 11 disc “BIG” size. I’m not a teacher. I’ve found many many “classic” size extension packs, planner companions,etc. that are available for “classic”. For example:the “Home Planner” pack. I desperately need that extension pack in my life for my “BIG” girl. Lol
    Will it ever be in the"BIG" size?

    Thank You

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