Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars aren’t just for the little ones anymore! This year while you wait for the arrival of Jolly Old Saint Nick, accomplish some personal mini goals that will enhance your planner babe life! Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Happy Planner® or favorite filler paper.      
  2. Journaling flips or blank card stock of your choosing.
  3. Favorite seasonal value pack stickers.
  4. Washi tape, markers, glitter, etc.


Before you start, decide first where you want your personal Advent Calendar to live—either your planner’s “month at a glance” or use your filler paper to create some dedicated add in sheets. Next decide what you want to focus on every day leading up to Christmas. Pick a theme for your mini goals: self-care, practicing gratitude, writing prompts, cleaning—anything that really challenges you to ramp up your productivity game! Place a challenge underneath each countdown card/journaling flip sticker. Pick your favorite Happy Planner® stickers and get ready to accessorize and decorate your Advent calendar to tie in with your planner or notebook.


For a great starting point and creative ideas check out our planner squad’s goals and DIY!

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