Holiday Lists

As much as we love the holidays, they can also be quite stressful with so many things to do and prepare before your celebrations get underway! Don’t stress this holiday season and plan ahead with some festive holiday lists. Here’s what you need:


  1. Filler paper
  2. Favorite sticker packs or seasonal value pack stickers.
  3. Happy planner accessories.
  4. Extension packs: Christmas, budget, party planning, grocery, and recipes.


For the planner babe that’s celebrating Christmas, our Christmas extension pack is perfect for your needs! These add in sheets will help you plan your holiday menu and recipes as well as find the perfect party supplies for your Christmas feasts. This extension pack also helps you keep track of cards you need to send out as well as gifts to buy for all of your loved ones—special added bonus included to host a Christmas cookie exchange with your fellow planner babes!


For our babes celebrating other winter holidays any of our readymade extension packs will help you plan as well! Whether it be staying within budget while shopping for your parties, making sure you pick up the right amount of supplies and food or writing down your favorite entertaining recipes, our various extensions packs can help. Grab your favorite sticker packs or seasonal value pack stickers to decorate and jazz up as you please!

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