Holiday Bucket List

DIY By Desiree Perez @happy.2.plan

One of my favorite things about Christmas is spending time with my family. Sharing experiences is always on the top of my list of things to do. I love making a special page for my planner to track all of the fun things we plan to do during the holiday season!

Supplies: Sticker Books, Wax Paper, Filler Paper, Washi

  1. Go through the sticker books to find items you can do during the holiday season ("Look At Christmas Lights", "Drink Hot Chocolate")
  2. Use wax paper to collect all of the stickers before sticking everything down on the filler paper.
  3. Place wishlist items inside decorative boxes and find coordinating stickers to match each one. (ex. "Snowball Fight", also use snowflake stickers)
  4. Arrange all of the wishlist items onto the filler paper and add washi and title to complete the page!