Get a Head Start on 2020 with the Happy Planner® Ready, Set, GOALS! Collection

With the start of every new year comes new resolutions and personal goals. The Happy Planner® Ready, Set, GOALS! Collection will help you kick off 2020 with a bang!

Make sure you stay on top of your new goals in various categories: budget, digital detox, everyday, faith, foodie, fitness and wellness.

Whether you’re saving up for an extra special trip or aim to be financial savvy in 2020, the Happy Planner® Budget line is here to help you put aside those pennies and nickels with ease! Tracking a budget can be fun with the Happy Planner® Budget offerings of notebooks, accessory packs and stickers—watch that spare change add up in no time!

If you want to tone down your screen time in the new year, then the Happy Planner® Digital Detox line gives you the chance to put down that screen and clear your mind instead! Use our Digital Detox products for some personal reflection time or journaling—let this Happy Planner® line inspire you to draw, start a new book or go on an adventure with your planner squad!

Dive into 2020 with the Happy Planner® Everyday line! With planners, notebooks and our new Companion Pack, this line will add extra color and happiness to your life as you start the new year. The Happy Planner® Everyday assortment will make sure you smile and are full of joy as you increase your productivity and meet those everyday goals!

The Happy Planner® Faith line is designed to meet all of your faith and worship needs. Full of planners, notebooks, accessories and sticker packs, this Happy Planner® line will help your daily moments of faith-filled reflection. It’s the perfect companion for focusing on your spiritual pursuits!

The Happy Planner® Foodie line was made for that up and coming chef that wants to step up their culinary game! This line’s planners and notebooks are perfect for planning your next kitchen masterpiece. Coordinating accessory packs and sticker books will make it so easy to organize your favorite recipes and bookmark your foodie feats!

The Happy Planner® Fitness line is the sidekick you need if you’re trying to hit a new personal record at the gym or track your physical achievements throughout the week! Our fitness line planners and notebooks can help you schedule sessions with your trainer or a cycling class with your best friends. Use the inspiration from the Happy Planner® Fitness line to cheer you on and give you that extra motivation we all need!

For the health-conscious individual comes the Happy Planner® Wellness line. Designed to reach those mind and body goals, this line makes it easy to track all your well-being endeavors. Use these planners or notebooks to jot down those self-care goals, group yoga classes and meditation meetups that are on the horizon. With the Happy Planner® Wellness line your mind and body will truly come together as one!

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