The Happy Planner® SQUAD is made up of creative planners, crafters, teachers, moms, artists, and more! We are excited to induct a new crew of Happy Planner® enthusiasts — are you the next to join our Happy SQUAD?!

Do you love to plan, create, inspire, and encourage others to try new things? If you answered, "YES!" then we encourage YOU to apply for the 2020-2021 Happy Planner® SQUAD!

This year our SQUAD will consist of ALL NEW SQUAD from around the globe — and mentored by some familiar faces!

Take note! If chosen, we will require a signature from a parent or guardian for any SQUAD member under the age of 18.


New year, new squad, new application process! We’re changing it up this year, we want to see what you're planning and creating and we want to hear from you! In one minute or less, share with us why you believe you'd be a good fit for the Happy Planner® SQUAD! Fill out the form below and share your video link —it’s that simple!

Inside scoop: we suggest uploading your video to YouTube. Make sure it's either PUBLIC or UNLISTED. If the video is PRIVATE, the link will not be viewable on our end.


Check out all the perks of being a Happy Planner Squad member:

  • Receive exposure across The Happy Planner® social platforms, including our NEW Happy Planner® site.
  • Receive the latest and greatest Happy Planner® product for planning, creating, and crafting.
  • Receive exclusive & limited edition Happy Planner® SQUAD swag!
  • Create connections within the me & my BIG ideas® organization.  
  • Have the opportunity to see first hand how The Happy Planner® products are conceived, created, and brought to life!
  • Early access to NEW Happy Planner® products before store + .com release dates.
  • Test NEW product before the general public and planner community.
  • Be an essential and valued addition to the sharing of creativity, education, and inspiration within the planner community.


Our squad is an extension of our team, you’ll be asked to provide the following in exchange for product, etc:

  • Represent The Happy Planner® in a positive light within the planner community. This includes NOT participating or engaging in conversational threads that would be misrepresenting The Happy Planner’s core values, which are: positive, encouraging, inspiring, uplighting, kind, and of course, HAPPY!

  • Submit a minimum of TWO projects each month.

  • Use our products exclusively during your time on the SQUAD - choosing not to promote competitor's products.

  • Share Happy Planner® content on your blog and/or website.

  • Share, follow and participate on The Happy Planner® Instagram account: @the_happy_planner

  • Use the Happy Planner® products in all projects, and promote with hashtags, and links whenever possible.

  • Be original + find inspiring ways to use The Happy Planner® system and accessories.

  • Try to use each Happy Planner® collection

  • Stay ‘on trend’ with design aesthetic.

  • Actively promote Happy Planner® products via word-of-mouth and social media, with Instagram being the primary platform.

  • Post on social media regularly, as well as participate in cross-promotions when applicable.

  • Have a public and active Instagram account.

  • Follow the Happy Planner® Facebook group and share when applicable.

  • Keep specific information regarding release dates and new products confidential.

  • Support and encourage your fellow Happy Planner® SQUAD team members.

  • Follow all Happy Planner® SQUAD team members on all active social media accounts to support, encourage, and build-up.


The last day to apply for the SQUAD will be Friday, May 15th, 2020.

The Happy Planner® SQUAD will last 12 MONTHS. The term will begin June 1st, 2020, and end May 31st, 2021.

The NEW 2020-2021 Happy Planner® SQUAD will be announced via e-mail on Friday, May 25th, 2020.

The NEW 2020-2021 Happy Planner® SQUAD will be announced via social media on Monday, June 1st, 2020.

*New SQUAD members will be expected to keep this information confidential until announced publicly on Monday, June 1st, 2020.