Gift Tags

This holiday season don’t let your gifts disappear under the tree. Make them stand out with your own DIY the Happy Planner® gift tags! Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Blank card stock—any color or pattern of your choosing will do.

2. Hole puncher and hole punch reinforcement stickers.

3. Favorite seasonal value pack stickers.

4. String, ribbon or twine.

5. Washi tape, markers, glitter, etc.

First start by cutting out gift tags from your cardstock—any shape will do! You can cut out the traditional gift tag shape or try something fun like a circle or ornament shape. After you’ve cut out your shapes grab your hole puncher to make holes where you will be threading your ribbon or twine. Once your tags have holes in them place your hole punch reinforcement stickers to make sure your tags don’t snag or tear! Now comes the creative part. With your favorite Happy Planner® seasonal value pack stickers and accessories get the creative juices flowing and customize your tags as you please! Make them holiday appropriate or any theme of your choosing—the more creative the merrier!

Check out how one of our squad members is decorating her gifts this year!