Plan a Happy LifeĀ®

The Happy PlannerĀ® was designed to inspire your daily planning. We make customizable disc-bound planner systems, sticker books and all the accessories necessary to keep you organized and inspired while letting your creativity shine through.

What's New

New Arrivals

Shop The Winter Collection! Get ready for 2022 with undated planners, stickers, and accessories. Get motivated, organized, and ready for a fresh start!


Disney Villains

These Disney Villains have been planning and plotting and are finally making their debut. Explore these new arrivals featuring undated planners, stickers, and sinister surprises.


Happy Crafts

Happy Crafts features all-in-one DIY kits with everything you need to get creative! Try classic crafts like bracelet kits or something different like scratch boards or punch needle.


New to Planning?

The Happy Planner makes it easy to customize your planner so it's perfect for YOU.Ā Here are some helpful tips to pick your perfect planner!

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Want More Happy?

From zoom backgrounds and wallpapers, to printable and playlists, bring a little happy to every part of your life with our FREEBIES.

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Meet the Squad!

These 26 planners are from around the world and have a different background, planning style, and Happy Planner favorites.

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