Tree Ornaments

Add that extra special personal touch to your tree this year with some DIY ornaments! Here’s what you’ll need to deck your tree in an adorable keepsake version of your Happy Planner® notebookHappy Planner® filler paper or blank paper—any color or pattern of your choosing will do.

1. Box punch and hole punch.

2. Scissors.

3. String, ribbon or twine.

4. Crop-A-Dile and eyelets or stapler.

5. Elastic from sticker books.

6. Mini discs.

7. Favorite seasonal value pack stickers.

8. Washi tape, markers, glitter, etc.

To start this DIY begin by using a box punch on your sheets of paper to create a tiny miniature version of filler sheets. Next use the hole punch to create two disc holes on each sheet as to create a little Happy Planner® notebook—this is where you’ll be using the mini discs! To create a sturdy front and back cover for your ornament notebook simply take four sheets of your paper and double them up taping two and two together. With your covers and sheets done take your mini discs and assemble everything together. Next take the elastic from one of your sticker books and cut it to the height of your new ornament sized notebook. Fasten it to the back cover either with a Crop-A-Dile and eyelets or if you want a simpler method use a stapler. Before you close up the book with your elastic find one of the middle pages and punch a hole—this is where you’ll place your string, ribbon or twine so that you can hang the ornament on your tree. Once you have that step done grab your favorite Happy Planner® seasonal sticker packs and add some jazz. Use these little notebook ornaments for gift tags or stocking stuffers. Try filling the pages with photos or special quotes to your recipient!

Hats off to squad member Christine for coming up with this amazing adorable tree ornament idea!