Interested in planning but don’t know where to start? Check out the best accessories to help you with planning, organizing, and scheduling in your Happy Planner. 

1. You Can Get Organized Any Time of the Year

Stickers are everyone’s favorite. They’re a great way to make planning fun while tapping into your creative side! Stickers add color and style to your planner pages. The best part? We have a ton of stickers to choose from. You can pick out a Value Pack Sticker Book from one of the many themes we offer. Maybe you like Disney Princesses Characters, or you enjoy a seasonal theme, or perhaps floral is more your style. You can search by theme, category, or type. Whatever your preference, we are sure to have something  for you.


Stickers make planning productive. Our Happy Planner community loves using stickers to label, differentiate sections of their planners, or call out details for easier visibility. You can mark big events, like birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, so they stand out based on how you chose to organize them. 


2. You Can Start Planning When You Want, Without Waste

Happy Planners stand out because of our beautiful and functional disc bound system.. They come in a vast array of different colors and styles – from vibrant, to metallic, to glitter - as well as in various materials, such as metal or plastic.  There are plenty of options for everyone in the planning community! The discs usually feature our signature heart shape, but some limited edition styles do come in differently shaped cutouts - but regardless of the inner design, they can all be universally added to any Happy Planner, notebook, or journal.

Our discs are fun, beautiful, and different - and one of the first things you notice when you spot one of our planners. Select a disc style that makes you happiest! The endless creative possibilities with our discs and accessories is what gets our customers excited to plan. 


3. 12 Months Gives You Plenty of Time to Schedule and Plan in Advance 

Don’t flip through your planner countless times every day, just to find the correct date. Use a page marker instead. This is the most convenient way to get to the page you’re looking for, instead of leaving your journal open to your selected page and moving it from place to place - and possibly damaging it in the process.


Page markers make for some of the best accessories because they’re natural time savers that help you navigate your planner, and cross off your to-do list with ease. They’re also designed to stay in place by snapping right into your planner, so they won’t fall out like traditional bookmarks.

You can get them with stencils and rulers, so they serve multiple purposes. Skip the annoyance of page flipping, and find a page marker you like to help you hop to the right date every time.

Check Out Some of Our 12-Month Daily Planners 

Make life easier by combining your needs for a gratitude journal, habit tracker, and scheduler, all in one place. The multipurpose Happy Planner can be used for all those things, but if you want to tackle multiple tasks, you will probably want to add filler paper, accessory or extension packs, and themed add-ons that are specific to fitness, faith, budgeting, and more!

The wide variety of Happy Planner accessories allows you to customize your planner into multiple organizational tools, which will help you categorize and prioritize. You can buy filler paper for every category, from budgeting and journaling, to recipe cards, grocery lists and more. Filler paper is an inexpensive accessory that helps you stay organized in the areas you want to focus on most. We also carry a multitude of accessories that can be added to your planner, such as envelopes and tabs to help with small storage and help keep you on track, stickers for creativity and stencils for efficiency, as well as themed planner companions that will transform your planner into a personalized organization hub. 


With all of these options, you’re sure to find something beautiful to make your Happy Planner truly your own!

We hope you fall in love with all of the accessories we offer, and that they’ll help you complete your goals, and stay organized. Check out our full catalog of Happy Planner products, and visit us across all socials at @the_happy_planner. 

Happy Planning!

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