Self-care and Galentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is on its way! And the season of love is in full swing. You might be thinking of the perfect way to spend the day with your special someone. But, this is also a great time to make a Valentine's Day plan that helps you reconnect with yourself or your closest friends. Romance comes in all shapes and sizes!  

Maybe you’re a month into 2024 and already needing some “me” time or perhaps you’ve missed your friends in all the buzz! Our gift to you this V-Day are some sweet and simple ways to cherish a solo day or celebrate with your Galentines.  


1. Put Together a Self-Care Package. Take inspiration from our Pastel Florals Self-Care Gift Box Set (or put one in your shopping cart 😉) and create a bundle full of things to help you wind down and relax. Dedicate this day to taking some time out to breathe and love on yourself. After all, it’s one of your most important relationships! Maybe you’re a tea drinker, or a journaler, or one of our veteran planners who loves to decorate a spread to unwind. This is your chance to make something all your own by YOU and for YOU.  

2. Try Out a New Recipe. Find yourself at your most creative in the kitchen? Haven’t been able to try out a new cookie recipe in a while? Why not test a new recipe! Bake it to make it and share your homemade goodies with your friends and spread the love (or keep the spoils for yourself). If baking or cooking all day is in your Valentine’s Day plan, why not save your faves in your very own Recipe Organizer?  

Cooking 101 Happy Planner Recipe Organizer
3. Make a Vision Board. If you’re part of our planner community, you’re probably a goal-oriented person looking to the future for your next amazing idea. Even if you’re content where you’re at, there’s nothing wrong with compiling a place for your “what-ifs.” Now could be a great time to think about all the possibilities that give you butterflies in your tummy. Don’t hold yourself back, dream those big dreams! Our Cork Board and Dry Erase Board Set is a tactile way to pin your lofty visions.  
4. Unplug for the Day. Specifically, take a break from social media. Not only will your eyes thank you for spending less time looking at the screen, you’ll keep FOMO at bay. Keep your focus on YOU and find other ways to entertain yourself and stimulate your brain. Write cards to your loved ones, decorate your space, start journaling or take note of your mood and how you’re feeling. Pick up that unfinished book off your nightstand or start a new one! 


5. Empower Each Other. This is one of our favorite things! It also doesn’t require meeting in person in case you and your gal pals have busy schedules. Sending letters of appreciation or uplifting quotes can be something you may not do every day. And now would be a perfect time to use your words and show how much you mean to one another. Post your letters, meet up in a coffee shop, or sip some favorited beverages at someone’s home as you share.  

6. Create a Cookbook. Recipe swaps don’t have to stop once the holiday season is over! Consider creating a Most-Loved Recipes Cookbook. It’s said the way to the heart is through the stomach so consider this unique way to bond with your favorite friends. Use some of our recipe specific filler paper for your exchange or drop your new recipes into one of our recipe organizers and keep those foodie formulas safe and sound for years to come!  

7. DIY Day. We love a good do-it-yourself project. It’s kind of our thing. Think of something simple you and your girl group could do together and host a craft day! You can even use one of our paint by number kits and host a personal wine and paint night. Not only does it save money, it makes for Valentine’s day plans that are more intimate and customizable. Our bracelet kits are another easy craft you can all do together – make themed jewelry with matching color schemes or style each one uniquely.  

8. Personalized Goodie Bags. Putting together goodie bags is another activity that can either be done together, in person or apart! Style each bag to suit the giftee or play Secret Cupid and choose different friends to gift each other. If you’re all part of our planner community, throw in some of our accessories like discs or tiny sticker pads. We even have nice gift bag sets to tie it all together!  

The best part about Valentine’s Day in 2023 is that there are so many ways to celebrate! Whether you’re wooing yourself all over again or have a get together every year with friends, we hope some of these ideas inspired you to have the best one yet. And don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide– it’s the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day plans you dream up! If you happen to try out any of our above suggestions, tag us @the_happy_planner

Happy Planning!  

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