Do You Need an Extension Pack, Planner Companion, or Accessory Pack?

Happy Planner Add-ons

You’ve picked your Happy Planner, nabbed your favorite notebook, or shopped a stylish photo journal. Now what? Lucky for you we have a series of packs and planner accessories that are tailor made to create a customized planning system! Whether you want to add additional function or maximize your productivity, we’ve got a pack for that!  

But where to begin? We’re here to break down the difference between extension packsplanner companions, and accessory pack so you can be informed for your next haul.  

Add-ons and accessories are what make our disc bound planners, notebooks, and journals unique! Accessorize with snap-in envelopes, bookmarks, vision boards, and soooo much more. You can even extend the life of your planner and make it last into the next year! Now there’s something you can’t say about every planner. 😉  

Add More Pages, Months, and Function to Your Happy Planner With an Extension Pack 

Thankfully, with extension packs... it’s in the name! Our organizational planner extension pack can extend the life of your planner up to 6 months. Maybe you started planning a major project at the end of the year or love your current planner so much you don’t want to swap it out yet. Select your planner layout, style or theme, and keep planning! Each extension pack comes with extra weeks, functional and decorative stickers, and additional monthly dividers.  

A planner extension pack can also be used to add another area of focus to your plans. Craft a wellness routine or budget better with specialized packs for goal-oriented planners. Make your memories last with an extension pack made for memory keeping photo journals! Use the preprinted filler pages to create photo collages and add decorative accents with our high-quality stickers. Keep your crafting supplies on-hand and scrapbook whenever the urge strikes with the provided snap-in storage folder included in the ultimate planner accessories kit!  


Enhance Your Happy Planner and Boost Your Productivity With a Planner Companion 

planner companion is every planner’s bestie. These planner accessories are the next step in organization for any Happy Planner! Think of it as upgrading your planner’s potential. Each planner companion is different so it’s important to select the one that suits your purpose.  

Our Made to Bloom Big Planner Companion has some of our most-loved floral designs! List out your goals for the future with filler paper, get inspired with the dry-erase vision boards, and plan out your priorities with the included dashboards. And it never hurts to have a handy pouch for all your pens and accessories!  

Add a budgeting function to any planner or notebook with our Know Your Worth Budget Classic Planner Companion. Use the snap-in envelope to tuck away extra cash or save receipts, carry your coins with the provided pouch, and track expenses with specialized filler paper. If you’re a Happy Planner, you’re probably a crafter too! Our Miss Maker Classic Planner Companion has vision boards for your bright ideas, dry-erase dashboards for quick notes, and functional filler paper for your supply lists. We offer a wide variety of planner accessories that can fit any of your hobbies, ensuring a personalized and efficient planning experience.

Planner Companions

Personalize and Customize Your Happy Planner With A Themed Accessory Pack 

Accessory packs and planner extensions are a great way to add an extra customization to your Happy Planner and keep additional planning supplies on hand. The snap-in planner accessories can help you keep your place, jot down notes, and even add a journaling element. Our Desert Dunes Classic Accessory Pack comes with sticky notes, a bookmark, decorative and functional stickers, and a storage folder to keep it all together, making it one of the best planner accessories kits available!  


If you’re a teacher, you’re gonna need this! The Be Kind Big Teacher Accessory Pack will help you notate needed classroom supplies, write down faculty meeting notes, and add reminders for quiz days! This pack serves as an indispensable planner extension for educators. Planning a trip down the aisle? The Wedding Classic Accessory Pack will help you track venue viewing appointments and dream up ideas, making it one of the best planner accessories for engaged couples. Use the four dividers to break down your plans into categories for meticulous and stressless wedding planning.   

Now that you know, it’s time to decide which pack you need! Make the most of your planner, notebook, journal, or photo journal with a little something extra. You never know where your plans will take you! If you try out any of our productive packs or planner accessories, show us your great ideas and tag us on socials @the_happy_planner!  

Happy Planning! 

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