Thanksgiving Floral Coasters

DIY by Minah Baxter @baxterthebusybee

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and families will be gathering around the table.  With these amazing DIY coasters, you can add beautiful Happy Planner stickers to your Thanksgiving tablescape!


  1. First, gather all your materials. You will need a coaster mold, an epoxy resin kit, glitter (optional) and gloves
  2. Pick your favorite stickers. Make sure that it’s a sticker with transparent backing. I picked the beautiful fall florals from the Large Value Pack Stickers – Seasonal Watercolor.
  3. Place stickers in coaster molds, with sticky side facing up. Optional- you may add glitter during this step.
  4. Mixed your resin according to the instructions in your kit.
  5. Add resin and hardening mixture to the coaster mold with your sticker in it.
  6. Wait until your coaster has harden.
  7. Use at your table and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

floral coaster

Harvest Napkin Rings

DIY by Katie Holyfield

I love hosting Thanksgiving dinner and creating a bountiful table for my family to gather at. This year I wanted to bring a bit of Harvest décor to our Thanksgiving dinner. These beautiful napkin rings will add a wonderful touch to your tablescape. All you need is some wooden cutout leaves you can find at your local craft store and the Value Pack Stickers – Seasonal Fall.

Items needed:

  • acrylic paint
  • foam paint brush
  • wood leaf craft piece (Dollar Tree)
  • twine (Michael’s) 
  • Fall themed stickers from your favorite Happy Planner seasonal stickers


  1. Paint the wooden leaves with two coats of off-white acrylic paint (I used a small foam brush). 
  2. Let the “leaves” dry completely.
  3. Find your favorite Fall & Thanksgiving inspired Happy Planner stickers and place them on the leaves.
  4. Cut thin twine long enough to go through the pre-punched hole on the leaf. Wrap around the napkin several times and loosely tie. Repeat with each of your napkins.
  5. Place napkins at each guests’ place setting for a fun, festive and creative Thanksgiving dinner!

napkin rings

napkin ring

Gratitude List with a Twist

Deatrice McFadden @deeplannerbabe

I always come across gratitude lists written on filler paper and decorated so nicely, but this year I decided to go with a different approach. I wanted to create something that could live in my Memory Planner with photos that I could have as a reminder of how blessed I really am. I know words mean a lot, but photos say so much more! I had some colored scrapbook paper and a pack of Happy Memory Keeping Page Protectors on my shelf, so I decided that they'd be perfect for this project.

I used stickers from the Value Pack Stickers – Seasons of Color and Value Pack Stickers – Colorful Boxes to make my inserts for the pockets just right. I wanted to add in a few slots of grid paper for some journaling throughout the month. This is a great addition to any planner or memory keeper. 

gratitude list

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