Filling Up The Happy Planner™ Recipe Organizer

Happy Planners™ can be filled for many different purposes. They can be filled to plan your happy life™ and prepare for events and tasks to come. They can be filled to document your memories after the events have passed. They can even be filled with someone else in mind - with the intention to pass the content along - maybe for generations to come. THAT'S what mambi Design Team member Mary-Ann Maldonado (blog | IG) is intending to do will her filled up Recipe Organizer.

About these pages, Mary-Ann writes:

"I know this is going to sound really crazy, but I want to complete The Happy Planner™ Recipe Organizer for my son.  I want to fill it full of our family favorites, so when he is older, he will have all his favorites with everything written in my handwriting.  (Let's forget that he is only eleven.  It is never too early to start, right?)  I wanted to keep the style very simple.  He is a boy and if I make it too 'girly' I don't think he will appreciate it as much.  His wife might, but I am not worried about her just yet!  LOL!

My BFF's aunt makes this Chocolate Cherry Cake recipe.  We have adapted it for raspberry too, because it's a family fave.  We like anything chocolate so we will take it any way its made."

Mary-Ann continues:

"I've also discovered quick video recipes on Facebook!  I loved the look of the Pesto Chicken, so I made it.  ...probably 5-7 times already.  We all LOVE it.  I have even made it for company, and it was a huge hit!  Into the favorite section it goes!"

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