Horizontal Happy Planner™ Spread Coming Together | How to Plan Horizontally


About these pages, Theresa writes:

"So many new planners to choose from, which one(s) are you using?!?! I normally use my Happy Planners™ for memory keeping but then I fell in love with the horizontal layout for actual planning.  We have a busy summer ahead and I need to make sure I keep all of the kids activities in order!  

I decided to use green planner stickers for the kids' activities, and different shapes for different activities. I used pink stickers for activities we are doing as a family, and for bigger events and activities, I made them stand out with larger stickers!

I decorated with a few more stickers and added a few notes with sticky notes. Then I added some washi.  I made sure to leave some empty space for adding other activities or ToDos."

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