If you’re crushing your 2024 goals and want to challenge yourself, now is the time to tackle a new skill! But if you’ve fallen off track with your previous goals, that’s okay too! Here are some helpful tips to get back on course and stay motivated!

You can enrich your career with skills like learning a new language, boost your creativity with hobbies like scrapbooking or memory keeping, or improve your every day with life skills, such as learning how to cook! These are all new skills that don’t require measurable goals but can easily improve your lifestyle. Setting intentions over goals allows you to take up something new without the pressure of a timeline. We’re exploring ways that you can learn a new skill and some tools to help you along the way.


While many of us have been working from home the explosion of webinars and online classes has boomed. It’s easier than ever to develop and grow your work skills in the most convenient ways. Make sure to use this to your advantage! Explore different types of skill sets with the professionals at Indeed and ask your company what services they offer employees to build their work expertise. There are also tons of interesting and valuable skillshare services available on LinkedIn that cater to a wide variety of professional services and backgrounds. 


Try a work + life planner that will help you plan your day, manage your schedule, and find room in your busy life to schedule in online courses.

  1. Supplement these plans with a sticker book that will boost your productivity and save you valuable time that can be spent building your new work skills.


Take some time to learn a new creative hobby like scrapbooking or memory keeping. Capture special moments and events and preserve them in the pages of a planner for years to come. This is an easy way to jump back into a creative hobby without the pressure to make something perfect — and without the mess of clay, paint, or glitter. There are thousands of hours of memory keeping and scrapbooking tutorials available on YouTube, like our intro to Memory Keeping video.



  1. Make scrapbooking easy by adding these stickers for holidays and special dates or these special memory keeping stickers that were MADE for this. Simply add them to your pages and add festive flair!
  2. A printer. You don’t have to use photos but if you want to preserve a fun family memory ,a funny meme, or even a snapshot of your favorite pet it’s a great way to add color and a personal touch to your planner. 


Picking up a new skill that will improve your everyday life can be beneficial to your overall well-being. Try working on your home organization skills or take up cooking and try out a new recipe every week! Find something you love at your favorite restaurant and make it your own. There are so many simple ways to build life skills that will make you feel accomplished without dedicating too much time to the cause.


  1. Learn good organization habits along with the whole family. This wall calendar will get everyone in the habit of writing down activities and respecting time management. It’s a lifelong skill that will help everyone. A wall calendar is also a great place to write down dinner ideas, track what you are testing out in your home kitchen and what you want to learn to make. It’s a fun activity for the whole family. 
  2. As you start your journey to becoming a home chef, make sure to write down all your hits in this recipe keeper or recipe organizer!
  3. Google. Not sure what to make for dinner or what recipe to try next? Try typing in a list of items you have in your fridge or pantry, watch Google do the rest. Once you find a recipe try typing the name of it into YouTube for a step-by-step guide on how to achieve delicious results. 

In the time of 2021, we’ve taken a year to be gentle with ourselves and it’s important to remember that not having set, measured goals can also be beneficial to our well-being and mental health. Try setting small intentions for yourself to focus on improving your life. For whatever journey you decide to choose, we’ll be there every step of the way!

Happy Planning!

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