Ever been considering an undated planner, but you’re not sure where to start? As always, we have some ideas for you! If you’re new to Happy Planner and perusing your options, you may have noticed that our planners come in two varieties: dated and undated. Dated planners have all the dates, holidays, and months filled in for you to start your planning ASAP. Undated planners allow the most room for creativity and can be started at any time during the year! You pick the beginning and end date.  

But don’t let the amount of freedom that undated planners have overwhelm you! You just need to find a good place to start and see what works for you. By design, each one of our sticker packs are created to work with our products. They come in especially handy for the undated variety. The possibilities are endless!  


Undated planners are essentially a blank slate. They’re perfect for starting sometime in the year that would fall between the dates of our dated planners. Let’s say you're planning for April 2023-March 2024, our Undated Bright & Fun Happy Planner offers a vertical layout with daily boxes from top to bottom just waiting to be dated!

You have a couple options, either date your spreads by hand, maybe practice your hand-lettering, or use a sticker pack like our Essential Dates and Numbers Value Sticker Pack made exactly for this purpose! Titles for each month, dates, and colorful boxes for notes are all included! Creatively call out major holidays with our Essential Holidays Value Sticker Pack 

Want more than 12 months to plan? Use an extension pack to stretch the life of your planner by at least 4 months! Extension packs may also include snap-in accessories and more stickers. And who doesn’t love more stickers? 



Make your planner your unique to you and choose a sticker pack that suits your style. Some of our sticker lovers prefer a vertical layout, and it allows plenty of room for personalization! You can even dedicate this planner to a particular theme or subject depending on the sticker pack you select.  

If you’re looking to focus on your mindfulness and wellness journey our Mood + Mindfulness Value Sticker Pack includes focuses, self-care reminders, and mood trackers that fit perfectly into a vertical spread. Make it all about budgeting with our Bright Retro Budget Value Sticker Pack. Track weekly spending, add reminders when bills are due, and mark paydays.  

If you’re an educator looking for a lesson planning tool, we have undated planners and sticker packs dedicated to your teaching duties. No matter when your school year starts, an undated planner will work with your schedule! 

We hope this has given you a good starting point for beginning your year with an undated planner. Choose your sticker pack and make it completely your own! We love to see your creativity shine. If you decide to jump in and get started with an undated planner, share your journey with us on social @the_happy_planner! You might have a unique idea we haven’t seen yet. 😁  

Happy Planning!  

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