Did you see our NEW Bullet Dot Grid Happy Journals in our 2023 Fall Collection release? We’re incredibly excited to offer a planner that allows for maximum customization! Why’s that? Because every page is a blank slate of dot grids just waiting to be graced with all of your creative planner layouts. Maybe you’re staring at that empty canvas and need a little DIY planner inspiration to get you going or you just need a nudge in the right direction. Don’t worry, we got you.

Bullet journaling is a streamlined organization method that allows you to create totally unique layouts and pages that move with your mood and method! Build customizable journal templates from the ground up! We’ll help you start.  

Happy Planner Bullet Dot Grid Journals



Stencils make the perfect tool for personalized organization methods. Whether you to like to plan by month, week, or day – stencils can help make your pages look polished and professionally planned. We’re using our Everyday Magic – Bullet Dot Grid Happy Journal® - 80 Sheets – 160gsm Paper and Trackers - Stencil Fan Book - 5 Sheets to create a combined weekly and daily style planner spread that gives you a weekly overview and a daily breakdown.  

Happy Planner Stencils

Use straight edge of the stencil to create a Monday-Sunday (or Sunday-Saturday) grid and categorize it however you like: appointments, activities, reminders etc.. Your daily log design will be completely up to you! Utilize the different sized lines and bullets, flags, and symbols. Track habits, check off to-dos, and add decorative flourishes! Add strips of washi tape for extra interest.  



Make each monthly overview stand out with stickers! Our Journaling Monthly Essentials - Tiny Sticker Pad is a great place to begin your artful bullet journaling journey. They’re an especially great shortcut if you’re not a hand lettering expert or you just love stickers. Use the provided month names to label each month and its dates to make a memorable design.  

We used the left side to create a place to journal moments of gratitude in a fun way! Make your own accent page with the Journaling Icons & Quotes - Tiny Sticker Pad! It’s full of motivational quotes, reminder icons, and symbols to add interest and mindfulness to your planning process.  

Happy Planner Tiny Stickers



Go beyond the day-to-day and journal for productivity, health, wellness or monthly goal setting! You decide. Integrate self-care, meal planning, or budgeting into your everyday plans or dedicate special spaces in your dot grid journal. Break out those stencils and stickers again and create an all-in-one mood board combination step and sleep tracker.  

You can always keep it simple and use a single page for tracking a plethora of habits as well. Make use of our habit tracking specific templates in our stencils and tiny sticker packs 

Happy Planner Bullet Dot Grid Journals


There’s no limit to where you can go and what you can do with a Bullet Dot Grid Happy Journal! We hope you’ve taken something away from our journal customization tips or you’re brewing up some stellar ideas of your own. If you’ve got any to share, show us on our socials @the_happy_planner! You can never have too many bullet journaling ideas.  

Happy Planning!  

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