Make a Summer Photo Journal to Remember

Summer means BBQs with family and friends, day trips to the beach, weekends in the mountains, and more time for all of our favorite activities. And what better way to hold to sweet summer memories than with a photo journal. 

Happy Planner’s photo journals come with preprinted designs and templates, so you aren’t faced with a blank scrapbook. The pages are meant to inspire you and they are designed to help you make each page pop. We include guidelines for photo sizes and lined pages to write out the stories behind your photos. 

And if you want to make your summer photo journal one to remember forever, here are some hints to maximize your creativity.

Customize with accessories

One of the most fun ways to amp up your summer photo journal is with some cute accessories. Try out any of these to personalize your journal to match the magic of the memory on its pages.


When you see a space that needs filling up on your page, add some pizazz with stickers. Happy Planner has an entire section just on stickers, so you can find the perfect image for any occasion. 

Try our Happy Summer Petite Sticker Sheets sticker pack that has fun stickers for popular summer activities. Celebrate that fun camping trip or beach day with 241 sticker options to boost your summer vacation memories.


If you have pictures from one particular day trip that you want to easily flip to again and again, insert a bookmark so you can come back to that page again and again. Laminate a printed picture from the trip to use as a bookmark, or try out one of our bookmarks that you can insert directly into your photo planner.


Sometimes, you just have TOO many pictures and you can’t fit them all on one page in your photo journal. Well, the good news is you can add a few envelopes. Store any extra pictures from your trip in these pockets, and then you can look through them from time to time. You can also slide in any fun memoirs from the trip like plane tickets or parking passes for that amazing campsite that you never want to forget.


Sometimes, you have such an amazing summer that you run out of room for all your photos! Well, you can extend the life of your photo journal with filler paper. There’s filler paper for almost every occasion, so you can even create new additions to your photo journal. If your grandma makes this amazing lemon cream pie every time you visit, use Happy Planner’s recipe filler paper to record the recipe and store it next to the photo. This way, you never lose how to create this amazing memory.

Rearrange or remove pages

Sometimes, the order of the pages in your photo journal just doesn’t vibe right with your trip. The great thing about Happy Planner’s photo journals is that they use a disc system, so it’s easy to rearrange or remove pages as needed.

For example, if you absolutely have to go into full detail about the funny story behind the bear eating all your food at your campsite, you can remove a large lined page from one section and insert it with your camping trip. That way, you have all the room in the world to gush about your favorite story! 

Collect photos from all of your friends

When you take pictures, it’s easy to accidentally not have any photos of yourself! So when you’re planning your photo journal, be sure to start a group photo album either on your iPhones or on Google Drive so that everyone can upload their photos. Then, once everyone has shared, pick your favorites to print that hold all the special memories from summer.


We hope you’re feeling inspired to start photo journaling! Be sure to connect with us on social @the_happy_planner and share your photo journal spreads!

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