GracePlace Art
"My name is Grace Reber and I’m (the co-founder and artist) behind GracePlace Art."


Q: What is your favorite medium to create your art? 

"Watercolors and markers are my favorite mediums to work with when I make my art. I usually paint and draw on watercolor paper!"

Q: What is the purpose or goal behind your artwork? 

"The purpose of making my art is to create. Making art makes me happy. It calms me down, helps me focus, and is like therapy for me. I also create in hopes of empowering others to create, especially people in the Down syndrome and special needs communities. Art has been an important outlet to express myself! And I hope that others are inspired to experience the joy of art too!"

How does art help you in other areas of your life?  

"In addition to being a coping skill in my daily life and a form of expression, art has given me the opportunity to start my own small business, GracePlace Art! The mission of my business is to turn my artwork into an opportunity for empowerment, allowing me to learn and practice new work and life skills with every order! I make the art of course, but I also help prep the inventory, work in shipping, and even help with marketing and social media! When I’m not doing all of that, I get to use my business as a platform to support other organizations in the Down syndrome and special needs communities. I’ve learned so much and am having so much fun growing with my business! Very grateful for all of it!"



Q: What makes you really happy? 

"Making my signature designs, ‘Work’ and ‘Water Work’ make me really happy. I am always telling my mom I need to go ‘do my work’. The repetitive patterns and colors really calm me down and put a smile on my face."

Q: Favorite place to visit or place you would love to visit next? 

"Disneyland! I love going to Disney and going on the fast roller coasters. Splash mountain is my favorite!"

Q: What do you consider your ultimate comfort food? 




Q: What’s something you plan regularly that brings you joy? 

"I started a kindness cards challenge! I made cards special and sell them on my website so that people can join me in the kindness cards challenge. What we do is write nice little notes in the cards and give them out to people to brighten their day! I write kindness cards every week and plan days where me and my mom and friends go hand them out. It’s my favorite!"



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