"My name is Paula and Im the designer behind Paula & Waffle."


Q: What is your favorite medium to create your art? 

"I’ve fully embraced the iPad, which I find to be such an awesome, versatile tool that can be used on the go. When I first started, I primarily drew on paper, scanned the drawings, and then edited + colorized on the computer. These days I draw on the iPad while waiting to pick up my kiddos from various activities. The iPad has allowed me to work on the go as well as experiment with different mediums that I might not have otherwise tried out, such as digital painting or some really cool textures."

Q: What advice would you give aspiring artists? 

"Create, create, create! The hardest thing when starting out is figuring out your own unique style - the more you create, the more you practice your craft and hone in on things that work or don’t work and your own personal preferences. Also - don’t be afraid to dive in. I started Paula & Waffle with very little formal art training and diving into design forced me to learn how to use various graphic design software as well as really practice drawing, something I hadn’t done very much of in a long time."

Q: Why did you decide to collaborate with The Happy Planner? 

"I have always been obsessed with planners and appreciate great organization. I especially love the way The Happy Planner allows you to lay out your days and weeks, and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate and add my illustrations to such an awesome planner design."



Q: What makes you really happy? 

"I love stationery and office supplies! I know that sounds super nerdy but I just love the idea of starting something new with a clean slate - like the beginning of a new school year or season. Back to school season always made me super happy as a kid."

Q: Favorite place to visit or place you would love to visit next? 

"We really enjoy going to Maine and do a summer trip to Ogunquit every year. The beaches are beautiful, the towns in the area are super cute, and the food is excellent!"

Q: What is your most-used emoji? 

"I like to use the cry-laugh emoji, which is often the perfect way to describe ridiculous events or funny things that my two little boys do throughout the day."



Q: Describe your planning style (list maker, likes to write out details, needs to plan in advance, last minute planner, planning cadence (do you plan monthly, weekly or daily). 

"I am a huge list maker - I have pages and pages of lists all over the place for literally everything in my life. I try not to be a last minute planner (sadly it’s often inevitable with two little kiddos) and try my best to ensure that my calendar is up to date with events and activities."

Q: What’s something you plan regularly that brings you joy?  

"I started learning how to play tennis this past summer and have enjoyed the new workout as well as meeting new friends + planning meet-ups with them to hit some balls!"



You can see more of my work on my website at or on Instagram @paulaandwaffle


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