Almost time for another season of being saved by the bell! If you’re one of our many hard-working teachers, this one’s for YOU. We’re spotlighting some of our stand-out teacher items from our 2023 Back-to-School Collection. We’re here to help you organize your lesson-plans and set classroom priorities! 


Our 2023 teacher planners are fresh off the press and ready to make your school year plans happen! The Monday-Friday layout allows more room for lesson-planning with horizontal lined boxes that can be divided into categories in whatever way works best for you. Each teacher planner runs from July 2023-June 2023 and has a checklist in the back to track student progress or repurpose for other productivity related tasks.  

2023 Gone Wild Teacher Happy Planner - Big Teacher Layout - 12 Months

Stay wildly grateful! The bigger the size, the bigger the plans! This teacher planner comes in our largest size and features animal print designs and motivational quotes. Get organized with lesson plans and classroom activities. Keep track of staff meetings, boost your productivity, and stay motivated!


2023 Seasonal Teacher Happy Planner – Classic Teacher Layout – 12 Months 

Teaching is a work of heart. This planner comes in our most popular planner size for office or on-the-go planning. The seasonal theme reflects each passing month in the school year and adds a bit of extra fun and whimsy to your planning process!  



Where would a Happy Planner be without its stickers? Check out our sticker packs specifically designed with teachers in mind. Add function and decorative accents to your plans and play up your planner pages!  

Teacher Notes – Value Pack Stickers  

As a teacher, you’re juggling a million things at once. It always helps to have somewhere handy to jot something down! Our Teacher Notes sticker pack has 30 sheets of different styled stickers for quick notations and uplifting messages to keep you motivated Monday-Friday (and maybe even weekends 😉).  


Add a little something extra to your planning kit with accessories! Maybe you’re looking to change the look of your planner or add another element to it – the possibilities are endless with the right accessories.  

Red Apple Cutout – Medium Plastic Disc Set  

This one’s all about aesthetics. Make your teacher planner the teacher-est with these Red Apple Cutout discs! Swap them out in your 2023 planner and use them for years to come! The vivid red color will add a bit of personalization and extra pizzazz.  


Looking for a one-stop-shop for all your teacher planning needs? Look no further than a Teacher Box Kit. Box Kits are great for beginners to Happy Planner or seasoned planners that like to bundle their purchases!  

Realign Teacher Box Kit – Classic Teacher Planner + Accessories – 12 Months   

Focus on the good. Sleek designs and subdued colors grace the items in this box kit. It includes a 12-month Classic size planner in a teacher layout, 3 sticky notepads, 1 snap-in bookmark, a dry-erase dashboard, and 3 sticker sheets with 53 stickers total! Make your classroom plans classy with this all-encompassing set! 


With the school year fast approaching we hope these ideas help you get into an inspired frame of mind! Share your own faves with us or let us know if you chose any of our personal faves on social @the_happy_planner! And if you haven’t yet, check out our Back-to-School collection for more teacher-friendly products!  

Happy Planning!

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