#SQUADGOALS - We're Ready for 2021

As we wrap up 2020 and look toward new beginnings, we asked our squad to share their goals, wishes, and big plans for 2021. What big things are you hoping for in 2021? We love manifesting together, so share your dreams and goals with us on social @the_happy_planner!
2020 was a rough year for my family, as I am sure it was for lots of others. My goal is to focus on myself in 2021. As a Type 2 enneagram that is hard for me to say, but I need to focus on myself and getting back to a healthy and happy place. To do that I need to plan! 
  1. I want to be consistent with my memory planning this year. It was the first thing that drew me into this world of decorative planning and with everything happening in 2020, it took a back seat. I love looking through the previous years in my memory planner and I want to get back to doing it. It is so much fun and really helps me to focus on the present and the little things in my day that bring me joy!
  2. I also need to focus on health and wellness. I was doing good in 2019, but completely sabotaged myself this year. I have never used a fitness planner. I was scared to commit to one for fear I would fail, so I am saying it out loud. I need and WANT to do it! I am excited to make a plan and get started.
  3. Keep planning! Decorative planning is my ME time. Not only does it prepare me for the week ahead, it is the fun creative outlet I need. Spending time creating my spreads is something I look forward to each week and helps me be consistent with my planner. If I wasn’t having fun, I wouldn’t use it like I have for 5 years!
      I am excited for this new year ahead, this blank slate… and a new fresh planner just waiting for all that is to come! 😊
      Goals I would like to set for 2021:
      1. Reading goal (21 books in 2021)
      2. Fitness goal (6 workouts a week, complete at least 4 Beachbody programs in 2021)
      3. Wellness goal  (journal everyday before bed, increase my sleep score)
      4. YouTube goal (hit 11000 subscribers by May)
      5. Work goal (increase KPI's, help promote 2 agents, lead at least 2-3 projects)
      MARY ELLEN | @planningwithbumble
      Just a few things I want to get done this year:
      1. Develop a better work/life balance
      2. Renovate my upstairs
      3. Create my own sticker book
      4. Stick to morning and evening routines
      In the New Year, I am really wanting to learn new things and push myself! I want to focus on meal planning, growing my creative platform, getting back into a wonderful daily routine that includes Bible study and journaling and working hard in school for Senior year coming up next fall! I also want to share my word for 2021... Kindness! I want this year to revolve around being kind to others, myself and any situation that might come in 2021!
      My goal for 2021 is to be a Boss Babe! I really want to be consistent and grow my own business next year. This year I’ve taken some small steps but in 2021 I’m ready to go all in and really commit to it. I’m excited to set goals and check them off with the help of my planners.
      "My one little word for 2021 is BALANCE. As a woman that wears many hats, I sometimes find myself neglecting certain things that are important to me. So this next year and beyond, I am committing to being intentional with my focus to succeed and BALANCE that success in all areas of my life."
      The Happy Planner - Goals
      NATALIE | @blog.else
      My word for 2021 is “daring”! 2021 is going to be a big year for me as I am graduating high school (!!) and starting college (!!!) this year. “Daring” to me means ditching anxiety and fear and jumping into my life head first! I want to brave any challenges the new year brings with reassurance and a smile. Cheers to a new year!
      I wish 2021 will be a better year than 2020, with less Covid, less anxiety and loneliness. I wish we can see and hug our family and  friends again and we can make new happy memories together! 
      (And of course I have a big wish to meet the whole squad 😀)
      JUANITA | @juanitaejohns
      My intention for 2021:  I will set boundaries with work, be more purposeful, and strive for balance with how I spend my time. 
      To cherish every moment with family and live intentionally.

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