Summer Bucket List

Park yourself by the poolside for an endless stretch of warm weather! Whether you’re into relaxing or being active, we compiled a list of items to make the most out of a long, hot summer. If you’re looking for fresh inspiration or want to add to your summer fun, we’ve got you covered.

HAVE A PICNIC. Don’t you just love the smell of fresh cut grass? Take a walk to the nearest park or pack up the car with all the necessities for a perfect picnic. Maybe you live by the water or some nice scenery you’ve been wanting to take in. Gather the friends or fam, pack your picnic basket, a big ole blanket, and GO!

TAKE A ROADTRIP. Throw a pin on the map and hit the road! It doesn’t have to be a far-off location, but giving yourself even just a weekend getaway can be exciting. Check out destinations in your area or something you may have wanted to visit for a while.

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PLAN A BEACH DAY. Who doesn’t love a little sand and sun? Find your fav sandbar and get there early in the day to snag the best spot on the shoreline. If your local beach has firepits, even better! Be sure to bring enough food and water to last you (and your group) the whole day.

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MAKE TIE-DYE SHIRTS. Summertime can be a time to get crafty! Making tie-dye shirts is a simple and creative activity that can be done indoors or outdoors (for easier clean up). Find an old shirt you don’t use anymore or a new one you can glam up. Use one of our tie-dye kits and make it yours!

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GO TO FARMER'S MARKET. Stroll solo or with a friend through a farmer’s market. They’re a great way to connect with your community and support local commerce. Plus, it’s an easy way to get your steps in and soak up some sunshine!

START A JOURNAL. Traveling a lot this summer? Start a journal! Log your adventures or even just your day-to-day thoughts. Planning to do some summer reading? Jot down your reactions to your reads or plan out your reading list!

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GO CAMPING. Get out and into nature! Take a break from the screens and pack the gear for a camping trip! Bring your besties or make a family activity out of it. Sit around the campfire and bond with your loved ones.

HOST A BARBECUE. Invite the neighbors over for a good, old-fashioned barbecue. Plan it potluck style and have family and friends bring a beverage or dish. Meet new people or spend some time with old acquaintances.

SUMMER PHOTOSHOOT. Grab that cute new bathing suit or sun dress (maybe a big floppy hat) and take some pictures. Schedule a sesh for yourself or with your gal and guy pals and make memories that will last well after summer ends!

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VISIT A BOTANICAL GARDEN OR ARBORETUM. Stop and smell the roses by visiting a public garden! Take a leisurely stroll and learn something new about plant life. Maybe get some ideas for your own backyard or garden.

Ready to plan any of the above activities? Check out our 2023 Summer Refresh and make your BRIGHT plans happen. Don’t forget to show us all your summer fun on socials by tagging us @the_happy_planner! Stay cool. 😎 

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