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A food log. An exercise log. A place for weekly goals. An area for notes and feelings. Sticky notes to jot down motivational messages to yourself. Brightly colored stickers to make it all fun. Welcome to all the magic that is The Happy Planner™ Fitness Planner BOX KIT. Today we're sharing how mambi Design Team member Theresa Doan filled out the first weekly spread in her Fitness Planner from corner to corner. 


About these pages, Theresa writes:

"My fitness journey is still new to me and using the Fitness Planner will definitely keep me on track! There's something about having to actually write down and see what I ate all day that makes me stop and think, 'Do I WANT to write that down?' The bottom row is meant for water intake tracking, but I decided to use it for recording my daily steps instead. This was just my first week in the Fitness Planner and I'm still thinking about all the way I could use it!"

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