Plan a Fit Life in the MINI Fitness Happy Planner®

Fitness Happy Planner

Like many of you ladies mambi Design Team member Nita Patterson (@neatlyplanned) made it her New Year's Resolution to become more fit & healthy. It seemed simple, but to be honest, she didn't know where to start. She wanted to gain muscle and strengthen her core, so she started with 5am workouts 5 days per week Monday-Friday, and allowed herself one cheat meal per week.

Today we're sharing how she has been using her MINI Fitness Happy Planner® to record this journey and 'plan a fit life'.

Fitness Happy Planner

About these pages, Nita writes:

"For the first month I used my fitness planner to track my eating habits. When I started, they were terrible - I was living on coffee and junk food. Around week two I started a high protein & low carb diet. I eliminated all carbonated drinks and drank only water and one cup of coffee. I started to see results. I used my fitness sticker value pack to add motivation and brighten up my progress pages. 

Month two I had the eating under control, but was struggling to see more progress. After speaking with a friend I decided I needed to monitor my sleeping habits in my planner as well. I was eating correctly and training, but my body was not given time to recover properly.

Month 3 I pushed myself to increase my weights and the amount of reps. I used my Fitness Happy Planner® to keep track of my workouts and the weights I used each week. I never thought I would look forward to working out but I can honestly say I do. I'm thankful for all the encouragement from the planner community. Just remember it's 'Progress not Perfection!'"

Fitness Happy Planner with Planner Stickers and Photos

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