@lacasadenatasha dives into spirit of tradition by making note of what she’s done consistently each year to celebrate the holidays in her Bullet Dot Grid Happy Journal. And she always leaves room for new ideas! See how she uses our Seasonal Sticker Book!

“The Dot Grid Journal is one of my favorite products to use to journal and make note of what I have coming up. Especially with how busy the Holiday season can be! I have loved using my journal to note some of our family traditions and what we have coming up this Holiday season. With fun traditions like our gingerbread house making night, I love getting to reflect on fun family memories and take note for years to come.” 

Do you have any traditions that are special to you and your loved ones? We love seeing how different members of our community commemorate this time of year! Let us know (and let it snow) on socials @the_happy_planner!  
Happy Holidays! 

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