Spring Cleaning

Tips, tricks, and the tools you need for spring cleaning this year.

Spring cleaning means it’s time to declutter, organize, and refresh the home. Whether you’re looking to do a deep clean or searching for ways to store your craft collection, we’re sharing our favorite tips and tools to get going!

1. MAKE A CLEANING SCHEDULE. Don’t get overwhelmed by a major project! Divide and conquer different areas of your house. This Daily Chores sticker book will help you manage your schedule. Set time to organize the kitchen, use another day to clean out the closet, and finally tackle that junk drawer.

In collaboration with RebeccaDIY, The Happy Planner has easy printables that you can use to help create a cleaning schedule. Add these free downloadable printables to your planner to keep the momentum going!


2. RECYCLE AND UPCYCLE. After you tackle the clutter, reuse empty containers and boxes to create your own storage solutions. Add compartments to your desk space or clear up storage areas!

3. LIVE FOR LABELS. Labels are a great way to store your clutter without making it difficult to find what you need. Stick on any of these organization labels in your craft room or playroom to create a well organized and decluttered space.
Playroom - Organization Labels

4. STORE IN STYLE. Looking for a chic way to store office items? These would be the cutest additions to your craft cart or desk using this stylish storage tote and sticker storage boxes in fun florals, polka dots, and neutral geometric prints. Get even more utility with this heart print storage trio that includes a section for pens or other planner accessories.

BIG Planner Storage Tote Floral Sticker Book Storage

5. MAKE IT FUN. Jam out with our Spring Cleaning Playlist! Keep the energy going as you make your way through your to-do list!
Listen Now - Spring Cleaning Vibes Playlist on Spotify
6. KEEP IT GOING. The most important part of spring cleaning is the upkeep. The Happy Home Classic Extension Pack includes items like budget planning pages, meal planning schedules, and daily chores lists. Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Maintain your household to make your life easier.

As you declutter your space, we want to remind you that living in a healthy headspace is also important. Use this time to refresh your mind, body, and space with your newly cleaned surroundings. Try this 7 Day Challenge that will help you lead a healthier and HAPPIER life. Download this free printable as a guide!


Happy Planning!

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