The Countdown Begins

DIY By Linnéa Albertsson @_makeahappyplan

Advent Calendars have been a December tradition since I was a kid. You can make them in so many different ways and this year I decided to make a gift Advent calendar.

For this you’ll need:
- 24 or 25 boxes (depending on which day you celebrate Christmas)
- All your holiday stickers
- Mambi sticks

Decorate each box with stickers and add numbers to each box, 1-24/25. You can fill the boxes with anything you want. I’ve decided to add a note or a little thing in each box with an activity that my fiancé and I can do together each day until Christmas. It can be anything from a winter hike to a movie night at home. You could also add gifts if you’d like!


DIY by Gabriela Alas @frecklyfaced


We all know how advent calendars bring so much excitement to the 24 days leading up to Christmas, right? Not only do they make December so much fun but they also give us something to look forward to each day.

This year I decided to create an advent calendar that could help me share that joy with others. I made a reverse advent calendar, if you will. Now let me explain, inside these cute stockings you’ll find different food items each day so you can build a SANTA FOOD BANK!🎅🏻✨ Yes, you heard it right, instead of receiving something, you will actually give it.

How it works:

Reveal the top of a stocking every day. Put the item of the day inside a box. Give the full box to someone in need on Christmas day!❣️ (best part: most of the items are affordable and easy to find, you probably already have them in your kitchen!)

What I used to create it:

- The Happy Planner Christmas extensions pack

- My recipe Happy Planner

- The Happy Planner stickers

- Patterned and white cardstock

- Scissors, glue, pen

Some easy steps to follow:

Find an image of a stocking online and trace it 25 times (don’t trace the white top of the stocking yet). Draw small “tabs” on both sides of the traced stockings. Fussy-cut them out and carefully fold the tabs to the inside. This way you can create a pocket-like stocking. Add glue to each tab and place them on any card stock of your liking. Glue the card stock to the filler paper page so you can easily keep it in one of your planners.

Separately, trace the top of the stockings on white card stock and draw a label right in the middle of it. Fussy-cut each one and write the prompts on the white small labels. And there you have it. I found it very easy to make if you enjoy a craft Christmas project. You can decorate with glitter, dots, stickers, etc.

I hope you liked it and I hope gives you the motivation to make your own! Just remember, you can add any prompts you want inside the stockings, the point is to have fun and believe in the magic of Christmas time.

For some cute inspo check out these wonderful examples made by our very own planner squad!