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DIY by Kenya Patterson @kenyadoll_plans

Personalize your table this holiday season with a Happy touch! Make everyone feel welcome with these simple place settings that can be keepsakes for all your guests.


  • Fall Value Sticker Pack
  • Memory Keeping Holidays Stickers
  • Fun Alphabet Stickers
  • The Happy Planner® Journaling Cards
  • Medium Discs
  • Thin Yarn
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Happy Planner BIG Punch


  1. Trim journaling card down to 1 3/4 in x 3 in.
  2. Round the corners using your scissors.
  3. Create a boarder using Fall leaf stickers.
  4. Clean up sticker border and use scrap if     needed to fill in the boarder. Keep the edges nice and clean.
  5. Add the guest name using alphabet stickers.
  6. Punch the card down the center to create one punch mark.
  7. Add disc.
  8. Tie yarn with a double knot onto the disc with with about 6 inches of left over yarn.
  9. Add name tag to place setting by wrapping around and tying it to a napkin holder.
  10. SMILE just personalized your holiday tablescape with a little bit of HAPPY for each of your guest!