We’re two months into 2021. Our goals have been set, our plans have been made, and we’re on our paths to new and exciting — maybe even unexpected — journeys. We’re checking-in on your progress, sharing our favorite tools to keep the momentum going and helpful tips if you’re feeling stuck or need motivation to get started. 



The first step to starting a new habit or setting a long term goal is to plan it into your life. With busy work days and hectic home life, it’s easy to put your personal goals on the back burner. Just like making time for meetings and errands, setting time aside for exercise, your side hustle, or even budget planning. Not sure where to start? Take a peek at some of our most popular Happy Planners like You Can Classic Fitness Happy Planner, Biz Babe Diamond Classic Happy Planner, Savvy Saver Classic Budget Happy Planner. Each one of these is specifically designed for achieving your goals. We prompt you to focus on your wins, recognize areas for opportunity or improvement, and encourage you to set daily reminders for important self-growth practices like meditation, setting intentions, and gratitude.

Undated Biz Babe Diamond Classic Dashboard Happy Planner - 12 Months


There’s nothing like the start of a new year. You’ve left everything in the past and are reinvigorated with aspirations and motivations. A great way to keep yourself accountable is to track your progress, challenges and wins through journaling. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when starting a new habit or focusing on yourself, but starting small and with some guardrails will give you confidence to keep going. Guided journals like the Happy Life Classic Guided Journal and the Wellness Warrior Classic Guided Journal will help keep you on track even on days when you’re stuck. With guided prompts, these pages allow you to reflect on your week, target challenges, and make plans of action to overcome roadblocks. By acknowledging normal struggles, it’s easier to let go and start fresh.

@moni_plannerfun Wellness Warrior Classic Guided Journal - Happy Heart


If you take anything away from this blog post or what we share on our website, our number one tip: staying organized will allow you to accomplish just about anything (you heard it here first!) Now that we’ve let you in on our secret, here are a few small solutions that will contribute to big success. The Week View Sticky Note Desk Calendar allows you to see a week’s glance all in one place. Keep it next to your work station and leave reminders to fit in a workout, drink more water, or plan meals for the week. The Breathe In Wellness Classic Filler Paper can be added into your daily planner. This simple and peaceful fill paper helps you prioritize your day. Write notes, make important lists, and give yourself a dedicated space specifically for goal planning. How you stay organized is up to you, the tools you use can be fun, plain, simple or wild, as long as you find a system that supports your day-to-day routine that can keep you on task and motivated is the most important tip we can share. 

Week View Sticky Note Desk Calendar


There’s so many ways to easily enrich your life. Take time to focus on yourself for the big journeys or all the small ones along the way. The Happy Planner community is here for you! Share your ideas on social and never hesitate to reach out to us or our squad for advice. 

Happy Planning!


  • Roxann Koslowski

    I love the stickers in happy planner line, but I am frustrated on how to organize them all. Please help with some ideas!! thank you

  • Jodi

    Do you have journals with just blank paper?

  • Lisa

    There are people who live-to-work because they love what they do. Do you have stickers for people with careers other than for teachers?

  • Aldene B. Longley-Proctor

    It would be nice to be able to order plain sheets for the classic planner. This way, you can design your own pages.

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