2023 is well on its way so we thought we’d do a check-in and see where you’re at with your New Year’s goals. We’ll also share some ideas if you’re getting a later start. There’s never a bad time to set a fresh intention. Naturally, we’ll offer tips on how to creatively use your monthly 2023 planners and other Happy Planner products in your goal-setting journey!  


In our New Year’s Goal-Setting Blog, we talked about setting fitness goals in 2023 by starting small. Maybe you’re not at the point where you’re ready to commit to an entire fitness planner with a full fitness routine. Luckily, adding those movement snacks into your daily to-dos is simple with an accessory pack, stickers, or fitness filler paper!  

Write out clear weekly or daily goals on a sheet of filler paper and insert it into your planner where you want to begin. Add stickers as reminders, encouragement, or even a reward when you complete your set fitness goals for the day because... who doesn’t love a reason to use a fun sticker

HAPPY PLANNER BONUS: Download our FREE Goal Tracker Printable to help you achieve your goals this year!


If you love the idea we presented in our previous post about creative emotional expression, but don’t have a clue what to do -- try creating a space in your home dedicated to your peace and wellness. It can be a simple nook or even a whole room. Whatever it is, the process of making it your own could be a mode of expression itself! 

We recommend starting with one of our Happy Home wallpapers to warm up the space. Our wall decals can also add a nice personal touch without taking up too much time to apply. You can even create wall art all your own with one of our punch needle kits and explore the calming effects of crafting.  


If you recall the concept of 50/30/20 budgeting we mentioned before, we think a vertical layout would work perfectly to put this into practice. If you're starting fresh, an undated planner might be the right bet for you. Use each of the daily box spaces to dedicate to the areas of necessities, lifestyle, and debt/savings. Remember 50/30/20 represents the percentage of monthly income that is meant to go toward each category.  

Since vertical layouts are made for maximum customization, our Bright Retro Budget Value Sticker Pack is the perfect choice to jazz up and add financial function to your spread. The accompanying Bright Retro Budgeting Block Notepad could also add an extra layer of fund forecasting to your completely personalized budgeting planner.  


We talked about rethinking a sleep/morning routine for the new year, just one example of many routines to consider revamping. Did you know our monthly layout is a planner with habit trackers built directly into the dashboards? This layout is great for big-picture thinkers and anyone trying to stay on top of a new habit. Use the dashboard to confirm if you went to bed or woke up on time each day. Our Essential Trackers & Checklists Value Pack Stickers can also be added to any current planner and used as a habit tracking device (there’s even cute sleep mask stickers). 

Level up and use the Goal Plan Repeat Classic Guided Journal to dedicate to your nightly nod off or make it part of your morning coffee. You can even dedicate each month to a different focus if you have more than one new or old habit you’re trying to tackle.  

We hope this check-in has helped you either as a reminder or an encouragement! And remember, now’s as good a time as any to dream a new dream! If you decided to test the waters with any of the above suggestions, please share with us on social @the_happy_planner. We love staying connected with our community! 

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