3 Reasons Why You Need a Customizable Planner

Your planner should serve as a source of motivation and inspiration, encouraging creativity rather than containing it. If you’re constantly running out of room and writing in the margins, you need a customizable planner that works with your schedule and needs.

Every Happy Planner is made with a disc-bound system, so you can add filler paper, accessories, and more to make your planner your own. It’s also available in three different sizes - Big (8 ½“ x 11”), Classic (7” x 9”), and Skinny Classic (4.125” x 9.25”) - so you can choose one that best fits your day to day itinerary. Plus, there are different layouts available for various uses. Let’s explore three reasons why having a customizable planner is beneficial, along with some of the excellent choices offered by Happy Planner.

1. Create the Planner You Want Based on Your Planning Needs

Cute Work Planners

Feeling overwhelmed by your work day? Try any of our classic vertical Happy Planners to plan out deadlines in advance weekly, while making sure to leave enough time for yourself as well.

Every day of the week has three large boxes for planning. Section these out into morning, afternoon, and evening to better balance work and personal life. Or, mark these boxes as urgent, important, and least important work items to complete.


Be sure to check out the fun and cute themes featured in our Happy Planners, that can help bring a little sunshine to stressful days. Celebrate your love for animals with the Disney Cat and Woodland Animals customizable planners, or reminisce on peaceful times in the garden with the Superbloom Happy Planner.

Inspiring School Planners for Teachers and Students

Teachers and students on the academic calendar year need solutions that work with their timelines. Happy Planner offers inspiring school planners for teachers and students that run from July to June, so they align with the school year. Embrace the joy of learning with the Fun Fleurs Happy Planner or the 2023 Disney Sunny Minnie Teacher Happy Planner. Both options have three customizable spaces each day to keep track of subjects, homework, tests, meetings, and more!

Personal Planners to Achieve New Goals and Mindsets

Customizable planners are an excellent way to focus on a particular part of ourselves that we want to improve, or create space for new mindsets. Try Happy Planner’s unique layouts with interesting goals, ideas, and perspectives in mind, including: 

  • Meal Planning: Save money on eating out and prep your meals for the week with a meal planner. List new recipes to try, craft grocery lists, and be inspired for your next dinner with enticing imagery.
  • Wellness and Self-Care: Take care of your mind and body with a customizable planner. The Be Bold Fitness Happy Planner includes a food and exercise log for each day, while the Take Care of You Happy Planner features a space every month to reflect on what inspires you, as well as capture your thoughts and feelings.
  • Budgeting: If you want to better track your spending, the Bright Budget Happy Planner offers a motivating space to do so. With bright colors and categories to plan out your budget each month, a savings tracker, and engaging challenges, you’ll see your bank account grow while actually enjoying the process.

2.  Find the Planner That is Perfect for Your Busy Schedule

If you’re constantly busy, you need something that maximizes your time. A customizable planner ensures that you have what works for your busy schedule. For example, if you’re always on the go and need something small that you can throw in a bag of any size, then you’ll find the Skinny Classic size is perfect for you. In the same vein, if you prefer a planner that stays on your desk at work and holds as much information as possible, then a Big Happy Planner is the best choice to organize your workload.


3. Keep Everything Organized Exactly How You Want It

Customizable planners can be changed and shaped so the organization flows exactly how you want it. Happy Planners come with a disc-bound system, so you can add and remove filler paper, tabs, and envelopes as needed. Try out some of our organizational accessories, such as:


Our goal is to enable you to create the perfect customizable planner to bring happiness and organization to your life. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @the_happy_planner  for more inspiring planner tips, and share with us how you’ve customized your Happy Planner to make the best of every day!


  • Patrica

    I miss the twin loop planners. I prefer the twin loop planners. Please stock more twin loop planner themes.

  • Felecia Steed

    Thank you, that gave me a sense of direction to with the three happy planner I ordered. Craft a happy life mini, Butterfly Bliss, Be Kind, and spoonful of Faith. I have been a happy planner for a couple of years now and have designed a craft room around my happy planner supplies and scrapbooking supplies. I just need some ideas I get stuck sometimes doing creative pages to go in my planner.

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