When you’re starting to feel a chill in the air, stores are stocking up on sweets, and costume ideas are popping up all over...it might be time for Halloween!  

If you're a long-time fan of The Happy Planner, you’ve seen many of our fall seasonal stickers over the years. And our Halloween themed sticks seem to be a favorite among our dedicated followers, such as yourself. Which is why we’re resurrecting some of the standouts with our throwback Halloween stickers 

Combine your love for happy haunts and our adorable offerings with original and exciting Halloween #goodiebaggoals from our Squad! They’re combining old and new seasonal sticker collections to bring you ideas so good...it’s scary.  

By: Amy Bloem | @amyshappyplans 

Halloween is getting closer and closer. What better way to gift someone something than with your favorite Halloween treats? I used some fun craft paper to create a name tag and decorated it with some spooky stickers. Make your own Halloween goodie bag, they are perfect for gifting your best friend and loved ones this season! 

What you will need: 

  • Craft paper, it can be any kind
  • Your favorite spooky Happy Planner Stickers
  • Gift bag
  • Treats

Time to make your own Halloween goodie bag!

1. MAKE THE NAME TAGS: Pick your favorite color craft paper to create a name tag and make it spooky with some Halloween themed stickers.  

2. GET CREATIVE & DECORATE: Decorate the gift bag as well and glue the name tag on it.  

3. FILL WITH TREATS: Fill the goodie bag with treats & give it to your loved ones.  

The stickers I used are from Cheerful seasons sticker value pack, Essential Holidays Sticker Value Pack, Seasonal Fall Sticker Value Pack and Happy seasons Sticker Value Pack. There are so many fun Halloween themed stickers. Use your imagination and your favorite stickers to create your own! 

It's that easy and such a fun DIY. What treats will you be gifting this spooky season? 


By: Minah Baxter | @baxterthebusybee 

It’s almost Halloween and the best way to get your family in the holiday spirit is by making some creative yet functional DIYs. My daughter and I decided we would use our Cheerful Seasons by The Happy Planner Sticker Book to create cute trick or treat bags. We printed out cute Halloween puns and put stickers around them. It was a great way to start the Halloween season! 

A Happy Planner EXTRA 

Before you start having your Halloween fun, we wanted to share one last craft! Add some adorable tags to your goodie bags with our card punch! Simply punch on your paper of choice, choose a Halloween themed message to write on the card, and tie with a ribbon or string!  

Use any of the ideas above to get your Halloween season off to a rolling head start! Don’t forget to fuel your creativity while you work. Revisit last year’s Halloween blog for great ghostly snack ideas!    

Assembled any of these goodie bags above? Tag us on social @the_happy_planner and share your creepy creations! 


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