We’re going back to the basics for this one!

With the launch of our NEW Fall Collection, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to kick off our Happy Planning 101 series. We’ll be curating educational blogs on the basics and exploring ways to use our planners, stickers, and accessories! Whether you’re a Happy Planner pro or new to the planning world, we hope you find some helpful tips and tricks. Today we’ll be giving you an introduction to our Happy Planner sizes and hopefully provide insight on what will work best for you and your planning style!

PLANNER TIP: Count the disc slots on any Happy Planner accessory to know which ones are compatible with the planner size that is perfect for you.


Looking to plan bigger and better? The Big Happy Planner might just be for you! With more space for your creativity to run wild, this large planner is ready to help you on all your adventures ahead.  

The Big Happy Planner is great for parents, teachers, and other professionals (especially those working from home) who use their planners at their desk! Add in appointments, meetings, and important reminders for you to check-in throughout the day. With optimum room for writing and decorating, there’s plenty of space to create lists, write out goals, journal, and add lots of big size stickers! Don’t worry about running out of space, the opportunities are endless with a large monthly planner.

Dimensions: 8.5” x 11”

Discs: 11

big planner


The Classic is a classic for a reason! The Classic Happy Planner is the original planning solution from The Happy Planner.

Being the most popular of the Happy Planner sizes, the Classic Happy Planner is the perfect planning solution to inspire you daily. It’s convenient to fit in all your daily plans while being small enough to carry on your commute from home, work, and school. It’s the perfect middle ground that allows you to utilize all different kinds of layouts while having enough room to decorate with classic size stickers

Dimensions: 7” x 9.25”

Discs: 9

classic planner


If you're searching for an on-the-go planning solution, the Mini Happy Planner is for you. As One of the small planners in our Happy Planner collection, the Mini Happy Planner is easy to toss into your purse or bag to plan anywhere and everywhere. 

The Mini is great for casual planners and those who are always on the move. A lot of our Happy Planners love this size for a fitness or budget layout as a secondary planner. Carry this with you to log your workouts and keep track of your expenses easily. The Mini isn’t left out of all the fun. Check out all the cute mini size stickers and explore all the ways you can use yours! 

Dimensions: 4.625” x 7”

Discs: 7

 mini planner

There are no plans too big or too small for the planner size that fits your lifestyle. Whether your heart is set on a Big, Classic, or Mini, we’re ready to help you on this journey to plan a happy life! 

Happy Planning!


  • Ana

    I would love to see more things for the mini im a mom of 3 boys im always on the go especially the christmas extension pack.

  • Sandr

    It would like black paper pages within the planners to allow for stickers or to allow us to paste photos within the planner, preferably card stock type paper, to provide some support to the display. 🖤🤍🖤🤍

  • Sharon

    I would love plain 2 sided graph, dotted or lined paper for my new classic dashboard planner. I love this layout an now retired, I was ready for some color in my planner, but need other paper for additional sections thatI don’t need to be decorative. This for functional tracking. If you don’t make this paper is there a vendor who does?

  • Toy Schrock

    I would love to get the new year with the skinny mini planner again. I am out as of June.

  • Kelly D

    Thanks for this help me. I am new to Happy Planner. Now I know what I going to get next!

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