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Holiday Recipe & Gifting

DIY by An Le @anplans

If anyone knows me, they know the way to my heart is through my stomach! What better way to gift someone something than with some delicious treats and the recipe to make it?! I used some fun filler paper to write out my recipe and decorate it with some stickers. These are great for gifting your best friend or loved one this Holiday season!

What you will need:


  1. Grab a filler paper sheet and write out the recipe to your favorite treat
  2. Bake or make treat to gift
  3. Decorate your cellophane treat bag with stickers
  4. Place treat in treat bag
  5. Use disc as a tie and slide treat bag through heart shape cutout
  6. Fold recipe into fourths and use hole punch edge to snap onto disc as a gift tag

It’s that easy and such a wonderful DIY to share with others! What treats will you be gifting this season?

recipe sheet

recipe treat

Secret Santa Game

DIY by Ilianna Nitsika @ilianne.on.paper

This is one of the best Holiday traditions I have with my friends! It’s so fun and I am so excited to share it with you!!

What you will need:

All you must do is gather with friends about 10-15 days before Christmas and let them pick a random piece of paper from the Jar. On each cute piece of paper, there’s a name of a friend. You have to keep it SECRET ‘till Christmas! Don’t share it with anyone!! Your mission is to buy something for that friend that they would love. Something to make them laugh or something super original and unique that made you think of them.

Wrap it up and glue the paper you drew from the jar on the actual present. On Christmas Day, everyone will gather to open the Secret Santa gifts. The recipient will then have to guess who their Secret Santa is!

Use all your imagination and your favorite stickers to decorate the jar and all the name tags. And don’t forget to HAVE FUN! 

secret santa jar

Setting up my Holiday Planner

Project by Elizabeth Jorgenson @ejjoyful_plans

I am an avid “franken-planner”! This means that like the character Frankenstein, my planner is a mix and match of Happy Planner layouts and accessories to construct my perfect planner. It’s one of the best things about disc-bound planning! The Holiday season is the best season for franken-planning if you are a beginner, because the Happy Planner gives you a head start with the Christmas Planning Classic Extension Pack. It is a great way to keep track of all my holiday activities! Today I’m setting up a catchall Holiday planner for November and December, using this festive extension pack, and items already in my stash.


Step 1: Pick out a cover and discs from your planner stash. Attach the discs to the front and back cover, then place the extension pack on the discs.

Step 2: In front of the extension pages, place your regular weekly and monthly planner pages for November and December. For me, this means the months of November and December from my classic teacher catchall planner, plus November and December from a monthly planner I use for health/wellness.

Step 3: Use your Holiday planner every day in November and December! Here’s how I’m using mine:

  • By setting up my Holiday planner in November, I can use the Menu and Party tabs for Thanksgiving! And that is a real blessing because the in-laws are coming to town, and we are hosting this year.
  • I often have unexpected gift ideas pop into my mind, so I love being able to flip to the Gifts section and write them down immediately, so I don’t forget.
  • The Memories tab allows me to memory-keep within my classic-sized planner through the Holidays. I love having those warm memories embedded within the hustle and bustle of Holiday to-dos.
  • The Notes section is one of my favorites! Here is where I create collection and tracker pages for the Holiday season. I’ve already made a Black Friday sales and shopping tracker. Other collection and tracker page ideas include a Thanksgiving gratitude page, Christmas movies watchlist, and Holiday season bucket list. Have fun with this section, the possibilities are endless!

holiday planner

Moving into 2022: When November and December are over, put them back in their original planner along with the memory keeping pages from the extension pack. Leave any unused extension pack pages on the discs and save for next year!

holiday planner

The Christmas Extension Pack organizes all the details of the Holiday season in one place, with subtle Holiday décor that gets me excited to open my planner every day. When franken-planned with my everyday planning pages, I have everything I need right in front of me!

Be sure to use the hashtag #HPHolidayHub and tag us on Instagram @the_happy_planner if you try out any of these Holiday Hub Crafts. We love our planner community and wish you Happy Holidays!

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  • Ann

    Oooh! I love all these ideas! Will definitely bookmark these for next year :)

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