Thinking of starting a journaling journey in the new year? Our newest line of guided journals in our Winter Collection is a great way to get going! We also offer a plethora of themed guided journals to use throughout the year. These prompted notebooks are a great way to connect with your moods, make financial decisions, or build a fitness routine into your daily life.  

Our complementary sticker packs work in tandem with many of our guided journals to add customization, function, and flair to any page. Let’s get started!   

Decide How to Spend with a Budget Guided Journal 

We’re using our Bold Simplicity Classic Guided Budget Journal to set financial intentions and uncover spending habits. Start each month by reflecting on what major expenses you foresee in the next 30 days and what sort of adjustments you’re able to make. Take note of the things you want vs. the things you need and curtail your purchases accordingly.  


Use the account and no-spend trackers to keep your eyes on where your money is moving and set challenges for yourself to SAVE. Place a sticker over each of the days you go without spending! Use the bright and bold stickers in our Big Dollar Energy Value Sticker Pack to add reminders when bills are due, paid, or you just need some extra motivation on your pages!   

Connect Your Body and Mind with Fitness + Mood Guided Journals 

Reconnect with your inner well-being and get fit with our Classic Ditsies Classic Guided Mood Journal and Bold Tiles Classic Guided Fitness Journal! Stay in touch with your prism of emotions with monthly goals, habit trackers, and even spaces to write letters to yourself. Take note of what things are exciting to you and what music soothes your soul. We recommend pairing with our New Aura Value Pack Stickers for an extra dose of wellness.  


Focus on your fitness with our Bold Tiles Classic Guided Fitness Journal. Track meals, monitor your water intake, and plan daily workouts. If you’re new to fitness, discover what works for you and check in with yourself along the way. Fitness is never a one size fits all! Don’t forget to write an encouraging message or two. And, of course, our Fitness All-Stars sticker pack will help you organize your new routine! 



Develop a Grateful Spirit with Faith + Gratitude Guided Journals 

Whether you're trying to practice gratitude more on a regular basis or wanting to connect with your spiritual side, we’ve got a guided journal for you! Log weekly affirmations, reflections, and create weekly gratitudes with our Bold Hope Classic Guided Gratitude Journal. Split your journaling into morning and evening moments and set aside time in your day to look back and write out your thoughts. Our Gratitude Value Pack Stickers has phrases to remind you to cultivate a grateful heart and set active intentions.  


If you’re someone who embraces faith, then our Bold Blossoms Classic Guided Faith Journal will guide your spiritual journey. It has a place to log your prayers each day, add scripture readings, and list out your blessings and simple joys. Connect with your bible in an all-new way! The Faith Mood Value Pack Stickers create a calm companion to your pages with weekly faith challenges, botanical accents, and faith-based messaging.  


Guided journals are the perfect place to begin for any avid journal-er or anyone wanting to try out a writing habit. Journaling can also be an exercise in investing in more “me” time! If you’re someone who has benefitted from journaling, let us know on socials @the_happy_planner! We’d love to hear your thoughts and see how you’ve embraced this helpful practice!  

Happy journaling! 


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