How to Use Our Wedding Collection

Whether you’re newly engaged or a Maid of Honor assisting a soon-to-be-bride, our Wedding Collection is the perfect substitute for conventional wedding planning services. Customize your wedding notebook so everything falls into place according to your dreams! Save money on your wedding budget and do things your own way with our assortment of DIY wedding planners, and create a custom wedding album to remember everything exactly as it happened with our memory keeping photo journals.  

For many people, planning a wedding is their first time ever putting together a major event. Eek! Our collection of wedding checklists templates and customizable wedding journals offer a stress-free wedding planning solution for first time DIY wedding planners. You might even have a little fun along the way!  

Use a Notebook and Stickers as a Wedding Planning Resource 

Maybe you have a vague idea of what you want your wedding to look like: color scheme, venue, guest list, dress etc. But it’s not all solidified! Using our Blooming Romance Wedding Dot Grid + Checklist Pages Notebook as a starting point will give you a place to brainstorm and come up with ideas for the ideal setting for your wedding!  Create drafts of guest lists or early timelines with the provided wedding checklist templates and use the dot grid sections to dream up wedding day vision boards.  

Wedding Notebooks

Grab our complementary Blooming Romance Wedding Value Pack Stickers – Big and add some romance to your overall planning experience. Add lovely floral accents to your pages and call our important items with themed reminders. Use the memo boxes for any spur of the moment ideas. Get excited and get creative 

Save on Wedding Planner Services With One of Our Wedding Happy Planners 

We’re not saying solo wedding planning is easy... but we can make it simpler for anyone trying to save on wedding planner costs! Our Undated Blooming Romance Wedding Happy Planner Big Wedding Layout was carefully curated and designed with affordable wedding coordination in mind. This wedding planner notebook contains a backwards timeline checklist and self-care practices and reminders to keep you centered throughout your planning process.   

Undated Blooming Romance Wedding Happy Planner

Our Wedding Happy Planners also come undated so you can begin whenever you need! The timeline checklist begins 12+ months before the BIG day so you have plenty of time to prep. Each of the dividers inside section off your plans into: calendar, contacts, vision and style, wedding party, budget, guests, vendors, events, wedding day, and notes - helping you become your own best wedding organizer! An accompanying sheet of stickers is provided for adding dates, reminders, and contractors. Each section of this wedding checklist notebook has helpful guides and hints to breakdown the next step! These wedding planners are chock-full of wedding planning resources (like a handy sheet of swatches for color palette ideas). 

Blooming Elegance Wedding - Value Pack Stickers - Big

Create a Custom Wedding Album With Our Memory Keeping Photo Journals 

Treasure all your memories of wedding day in a custom wedding album! Our memory keeping photo journals are scrapbooking made simple. And after planning an entire wedding, they’re a simple and artistic way to capture the moments for years to come. Chances are if you love Happy Planner, you’re a crafter – and there’s something truly special about a handcrafted wedding album.  

Wedding Memory Keeping Journal

Our Blooming Romance Wedding – Deluxe Big Happy Memory Keeping Wedding Photo Journal is a premium wedding album. This photo journal comes with pre-printed photo templates, four dividers, a sticker sheet, acid-free paper, and a sturdy faux leather cover with “I do today, forever, and always” emblazoned on the front. This DIY Wedding Album includes text spaces below the photos to jot down a feeling from the moment or describe who’s in the photo. Take the next step in preservation with a set of our snap-in page protectors 

No matter when your wedding happens, we hope we’ve been able to offer some ideas for your personal wedding day management. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into crafting the perfect wedding day tools for any bride (or groom) to be! If you decide to utilize any of our wedding planning resources, share with us on socials @the_happy_planner. We cherish the opportunity to be part of your love story! 

Happy Planning!  


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