How to Use Our Wellness Layouts

We ❤️ wellness. And just as we encourage everyone to seek their own personal brand of “happy,” we know health and wellness might look different from person to person. That’s why we have a wealth of layouts to help you be well in a general sense or in more targeted areas. Maybe you’re just trying to incorporate wellness into your everyday routine, on the road to recovery, or aiming to stress less. Whatever your journey, we hope you see something in our wellness collection that resonates with you!  

Wellness Collection

We’ll take you on a tour of each layout and offer some ideas that incorporate our complementary stickers and accessories. Holistic healing can be fun and creative! When you start to plan, you set yourself on a path to reach your wellness goals and our goal is to help you take that first step. 


Incorporating self-care tips into your daily routine can be simplified with our be kind to your mind layout. We’re using our NEW 2024 Take Care of You Happy Planner - Classic Be Kind to Your Mind Layout - 12 Months which includes daily mood trackers and monthly focuses on the dashboards to help you establish new habits! Choose a different habit to track each month or focus on one area in which you’d really like to improve. Use the dashboards as your check-in station.

 Be Kind To Your Mind Layout

Each week has a set of mood trackers to note how you’re feeling from one day to the next. Create a zero-judgment zone for yourself. If you miss a day, just pick up where you left off! We recommend pairing this planner with our Take Care of You - Value Pack Stickers. Use the stickers to boost your self-care routine and remind yourself that it’s ok to take a moment to breathe.  


If you’re looking for stress relief techniques, then our stress management layout is ideal. It’s in the name! We’re featuring our 2024 Calm Life Happy Planner - Classic Stress Management Layout - 12 Months for this one. It’s part planner, part journal! Combine it with our Calm Life - Value Pack Stickers and you’ll have a really good thing going. Use the monthly dashboards on the planner to motivate yourself and engage in the provided mindfulness exercises.  

Stress Management

The weekly spreads are a different take on our vertical layout with habit trackers to help you actively engage in exercises that help you cope with everyday stresses! Use the stickers to add extra focuses Monday-Friday on anything from sleep -- to incorporating daily movements into your stress reduction routine.  



For a lot of people, wellness incorporates the mind and the body which is why we’re including our fitness products! Pair our 2024 Be Bold Fitness Happy Planner - Classic Fitness Layout - 12 Months and Be Bold Fitness - Value Pack Stickers for the perfect duo to start your fitness regime. The monthly dashboard includes areas to journal your progress and make note of how you're strengthening your mind, body, AND yourself!   


The weekly spreads are separated into four different sections: today, focus, food log, and exercise. Pre-plan your exercise routine or add habit-tracking stickers to any one of the vertical boxes! Use the “at a glance” stickers in the notes section on the far left to brainstorm your routine for the week. Add motivational quotes to inspire you to get up and get going!   



Make meal planning easy with our meal planning layout! Our 2024 Cooking 101 Happy Planner - Classic Meal Planning Layout - 12 Months paired with our Cooking 101 - Value Pack Stickers will engage your inner foodie. Plan by the month, the week, or all of the above! Pages are included to write down ingredients and make grocery lists for your go-to recipes or anything new you’d like to try.   

 Meal Planning

The layout has multiple box spaces for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and any prep work you might need to do. Use stickers on the lefthand side of the weekly spread to make note of your food staples, add additional grocery lists or fun fruit and veg accents to your pages! Use our Cooking 101 - Classic Recipe Organizer - 81 Sheets to help plan and organize all your meal planning recipes!

Recipe Organizer



If you’re looking for something encompassing wellness all around, look no further than our 2024 Organic Wellness Happy Planner - Classic Wellness Layout - 12 Months and Organic Wellness - Value Pack Stickers! Similar to our fitness layout, the monthly dashboards have check-ins for mind, body, yourself, and a place to add some encouragement. The weekly spreads are sectioned off into four sections: intention, nourish, movement, and take note. The “take note” section is categorized each day to focus on different areas of wellness. Whether it’s writing about how you felt about your day or what you’re loving in the moment, this layout has you covered.     


The stickers add more ways to connect with your mind, body, and moods. Add them to your spreads in any areas where you feel you need a tad more attention. The soothing color palette is aimed to create a calming environment. Paired with our Organic Wellness - Dashboard Classic Filler Paper - 40 Sheets, you’re well on your way to a fulfilling path of overall wellness! 

Organic Wellness Filler Paper



Our latest Fall Collection release also debuted new recovery items: 2024 Recovery Happy Planner - Classic Recovery Layout - 12 Months and Recovery - Value Pack Stickers! This layout allows you to set intentions in multiple areas and exercise recovery each week. The monthly dashboards offer a place to reflect on areas of activity, nourishment, gratitude, and plan future actions. Start each week with a page dedicated to checking in with yourself and tracking any new habits you’d like to establish.  


This layout offers another take on our horizontal layout and has mood trackers for each day. Use the stickers to apply to the mood tracker happy faces. Add daily reminders, positive thoughts, and reflections anywhere you need it most. Complete your kit with our Recovery Progress Classic Planner Companion 


Whatever your wellness endeavors look like, we’re excited to see you thrive! If any of the walkthroughs above inspired you, please share with us on our socials @the_happy_planner. And if you have a fresh approach to wellness let us know. We love seeing how each person charts their own course to planning their happy! 


Happy planning!  

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