Make your memories last with our collection of guided photo journals, stickers, and scrapbook accessories.

This year, we’ve taken a new approach to scrapbooking with our Summer Memory Keeping Collection. We’ve introduced a new line of guided photo journals which takes Memory Keeping to the next level. It’s not a planner like we’ve done in the past, it’s a photo journal all on its own. These are perfect for those who want to capture memories but also want some guidance and inspiration on how to start. 

Our photo journals have 80 pre-printed template pages with 20 different designs. They include guidelines for different photo sizing so there’s no guessing games! Use the additional space to write down your memories and add in the stickers to decorate. With 4 unlabeled dividers, you have the freedom to categorize moments by dates, by kids, seasons, or for special occasions.

Along with our new photo journals, we’ve also added more Value Pack Sticker Books that were made for scrapbooking. Use the trims, add quotes, or simply decorate your pages to fit your themes. Customize by adding other accessories like discs to step up your Memory Keeping game!

We're sharing some tips on how to get organized and start your journals!


I use my phone to do all my memory planning. I have to keep things easy! If there are too many obstacles, you won’t do it!

  1. Create an Album: Organize what you want to put in your guided photo journal into a folder/album on your phone. I create a memory planning album and delete items as I print.
  2. Build a Collage: Every week I use a collage app to print items for my journal. You can do this anywhere. Whether waiting in line, sitting on the couch...whenever you have some free time!
  3. Get Your Printer Ready: I have my printer stocked with matte photo paper so I can print from my phone wirelessly at any time.
  4. Ready for Memory Planning: Once printed, if I am not ready to memory plan, I add the date to the pack of each photo. Then put it in an envelope and put it in your photo journal. I also add any memorabilia to the envelope as well.


  1. Use Journal's Templates: Use the pre-printed template pages in the Memory Keeping Guided Photo Journal to help you fill-in details of your special events. Write out memories, dates, and everything you want to remember!
  2. Print Photos: The photo journal pages include the sizes of the photos on them to help when printing. Use your computer or phone to print the photos in the sizes making it easy to create fun, organized pages. 
  3. Customize with Stickers: Once you’ve added your photos and written out your memories, start embellishing with stickers to customize your pages!


Live in the moment but don’t let the memories fly by! Our Memory Keeping Collection was designed to make it easier to capture moments that can be shared for the years to come. Follow us along this journey as we share helpful tips on how to memory-keep. Don’t forget to follow us on social @the_happy_planner and share your photo journal spreads!

Happy Memory Keeping!


  • Monica


  • Leticia Hayes

    This summer I lost my husband, we have over 20 yrs of pictures. I saw a photo journal and instantly ordered it to put this together for our 2 small boys and other kids also. I’ve been working on it for about a month and my youngest has been acting out quite a bit so I had him look at the book and you can tell the instant relief he got from the pictures and stories that he was looking at. I am very excited to continue working on this and getting the kids to write stories or whatever they would like in here as well. Thank you for being part of our healing. Thank you The Happy Planner

  • Charlene Nelson

    This is just amazing and is really the best idea to help putting photos together from trips, parties, etc. What a great way to leave organized albums for children and grandchildren. Love this approach. Thank you.

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