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Make a meal out of your weekly plans with a meal planner made for daily menu-making! You may have noticed a shiny new collection of planners made especially for meal prep in our 2023 Fall Collection. If you’ve been thinking about creating specific meal planning strategies, but aren’t sure where to begin, these planners make it simple to start! We’ll share some simple ways to use one of our favorite lifestyle layouts!  



Looking to create a recipe planner for your culinary adventures? We’re using our 2024 Cooking 101 Happy Planner to show you some sweet methods for quick and easy meal planning. The monthly dashboard is a great place to allow yourself to be creative and throw out your tasty ideas. If you have any recipes you’ve been wanting to try or find something inspiring online -- this is a great monthly meal planner to jot those ideas down! Journal your dietary goals for the month before you start making more concrete plans. Every person’s nutritional needs look different!  


It can seem like a lot to plan out your entire week at once! But don’t worry -- our meal planning calendar breaks your day down by each meal. Five sections on the weekly spreads include areas for planning breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any between meal snacks. Keep your energy up throughout the day with the right kind of fuel! Use the bottom section to draft an ingredients list for your next grocery store run.  

2024 Cooking 101 Happy Planner CLASSIC MEAL PLANNING LAYOUT - 12 MONTHS

Our complementary sticker packs are great for adding any standout notes to your spreads. Like the date and time of your local farmers market! Who doesn’t love the freshest of the fresh ingredients? Using weekly food planner stickers will make your meal planning even more fun and easy.



Gotta hit the grocery store on the way home? Stock up your pantry on weekends? Planning ahead is never a bad idea! Use the dedicated pages to create a game plan and leave out the guessing while you’re perusing the produce. Assign lists to recipes and note dates and times you’re planning to enjoy specific meals!   


Southern Farmhouse Classic Recipe Organizer

Our Cooking 101 Classic Block Notepad can also be used to turn your weekly meal plan into a grocery run master plan.  The best part... you can remove the pages from your planner and take them with you on your shopping trip. Talk about a piece of cake -- and a great tool for those who need a dedicated weekly diet planner to keep their grocery lists organized.

PRO TIP: If you’re looking for a place to store all your newly discovered go-to recipes our Cooking 101 Classic Recipe Organizer is a one-stop shop! Use the handy half sheets to create market lists and sort your selections by meal type, favorites, healthiness, and sides! Retrofit your recipe organizer for every day or use it as a weekly recipe planner for every occasion -- and just in time for holiday gatherings!  


No matter where you’re at in your meal prep journey we’re here to help! Planning’s kind of our thing. Use this meal planning blog for beginners as a jumping off point for all kinds of plans like healthy food meal plans, diet planners, nutritional meal plans or simple and easy meal calendars. And if you have any tips or tricks to share, please show off on socials and tag us @the_happy_planner 

Happy Meal Planning!  


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