"My name is Ingrid Sanchez and I am the artist behind CreativeIngrid."


Q: What is your favorite medium to create your art? 

"I love experimentation and creating unique textures and effects, and for this I have developed a style using a variety of mediums including watercolors, acrylic, gouache and inks. With the use of water as a medium of dispersion I can create watercolor-like artworks with a vibrant and fluid finish."

Q: When is your favorite time of day to create and why? 

"For me, painting is a whole day commitment that usually begins early in the morning and finalizes in the evening. Painting days in my studio are just for that, so I try to clear my agenda and disconnect from social media or any other distractions. I really like to give all my time and energy to each piece. Watercolors in particular need a lot of patience."

Q: How would you describe your artwork or style? 

"Loose, vibrant and very colorful."



Q: What makes you really happy? 

"Looking after my garden in the company of my dog… the best feeling ever! There is nothing like seeing something you planted grow and change with each season. Plants have their own way of communicating, one that requires sensitivity and observation, qualities that are also essential for an artist."


Q: Favorite way to participate in self-care? 

"I love rituals that are related to the connection of mind and body, I think they are essential when trying to awake our creative side. Before I paint I always sit down in a long meditation and smudge my studio with palo santo. After a long day of painting, all I can think about is a hot bath with lavender essential oil or epsom salts."

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up? 

"Exactly what I am now, and although it sounds idyllic, it was not easy. I have a similar story to many artists who were told they would die of hunger if they studied art. But after a bachelor and masters degree and lots of frustration in jobs I didn’t enjoy, I decided to come back to my brushes at the age of 34, and seven years later, here I am! Being a full-time artist is the most fulfilling path, and I will encourage anyone feeling the call to go after it."



Q: Describe your planning style. 

"I really need a planner in my life because I have so many ideas and projects in my head, that I will not sleep if I don’t put them on paper.  

"At the beginning of each month I make a general plan, and mark on the calendar any important events. A more detailed planning session happens every Friday when I create a to do list for the following week. I like to plan each day, and also decide which days are the best to paint."

Q: What’s something you plan regularly that brings you joy?  

"Many things in my planner are there on a regular basis, like going for a swim or joining a yoga class. I am always looking forward to meeting with my friend to celebrate something with a margarita in our favorite pub. But believe it or not, when I schedule a painting day in the planner, I know that is going to be a good day and it brings a lot of joy knowing that I will have that space for me and my art."



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  • Jenn McCormick

    So inspiring, something I needed to read. I loved Art in my younger years and went in another direction in life but finding out I need that Art back in my life. Thanks for the Inspiration .

  • Abby H.

    After 14 years of teaching, I am also trying to transition to a full-time life as a creative. I love hearing Ingrid’s story and feel wholly inspired by both her honesty and choice to make the leap! Not to mention how talented she is!

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