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"My name is Angela Smith the artist behind ZaeWild."


Q: How did you come up with your social media handle?  

"I’m a mom of 3. My kids initials are ZAE and they are pretty wild. That’s where  ZaeWild comes from."

Q: Where do you find inspiration?  

"I have found a lot of my inspiration though life as a minority. It hasn’t always been easy growing up as a black woman in Utah, but I feel like I can bring attention to important matters. I am also heavily influenced by anything floral."

Q: What advice would you give aspiring artists?  

"You can create. Everybody can create. So just go for it! I never thought of myself as an artist and I know there are other people far more talented than me. But I love to create and if I wouldn’t have gone for it, I wouldn’t be where I am today."



Q: Favorite holiday to celebrate and why? 

"My favorite holiday to celebrate is Valentine’s Day. I love seeing hearts and flowers everywhere. Celebrating love makes me so happy!"  

Q: What do you consider your ultimate comfort food? 

"My ultimate comfort food is French fries. What can I say? I love potatoes." 

Q: Most used emojis? 

  " ✨🤟🏾🤍 "



Q: What’s a dream goal of yours?  

"A dream goal of mine is go grow ZaeWild into something amazing. I would like my art to have an impact and help people everywhere. I want to be an influential artist."

Q: Describe your planning style.  

"I am definitely a list maker! I get so much satisfaction in making a list and marking stuff off as I accomplish it throughout the day."



You can find and purchase more of my artwork @Zaewild  


Shop Angela's collection and the rest of the artist collaborations here!

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  • Karen M

    Congrats on the HP collaboration and expansion of your creativity Angela.

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