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As the holidays approach, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the upcoming events, such as school activities, work potlucks, family get-togethers, parties - you name it! It’s easy to feel out of control when you don’t have a method to plan and track all your events. 

For the type of person who doesn’t want a traditional planner year-round, or wants to begin planning outside the start of a calendar year, an undated planner is the perfect option. Traditional planners typically have one of two starts: in January to go with the traditional calendar year, or in July or August to go with the academic year. These planners have all the dates filled in for you, so you simply follow the schedule every consecutive week.

However, if your life doesn’t fall into such narrow categories, you may want to choose an undated planner. These planners have all the fantastic content that you can expect from Happy Planner, but don’t have any dates filled in yet. 

Amazing Benefits of Undated Planners!

1. Undated Planners Are Ultra-Customizable

While New Year’s may be the typical time to set goals, don’t limit yourself. With an undated planner, you have the freedom to start planning your days and setting goals at any given time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a random Tuesday or the middle of the month, an undated planner aligns with your schedule. This super-customizable option means that you can plan at the pace that works for you.

Make organization even more fun with Journaling Trackers and Journaling Productivity. These sticker sets include habit trackers, check marks, flags, blank boxes for reminders, and colorful bullets to add bright goal setting to your undated planner.  

2. Perfect for Specific Seasons of Life

There are times in life that are just going to require more planning than others. Take a wedding for example! If you’re working and planning a wedding, it can often feel like having two full-time jobs. An undated planner allows you to organize your time just for that season, and keep you from becoming overwhelmed. 

If you use a planner such as the Undated Papillon Butterfly Classic Daily Planner, it can be a fun and efficient way to map out your hectic schedule before the wedding, and give yourself the gift of savoring each moment. This planner is full of big pages that include a bulleted list to write down what you need to accomplish, a section dedicated to the focus of the day, a dot graph for reminders, and three lines for top-priority items. There’s also a free space to write whatever you’d like, which can be a great way to highlight important moments in the process. And this isn’t just for weddings - it can be for pregnancy, holidays, or even adopting a new pet. With undated planners, the options are as limited as your creativity.

3. Focus on Intentional Goals

An undated planner can be a great way to be intentional with goal-setting. Say that you are spending too much over your allotted budget, and want to figure out where all your money is going. An option such as the Undated Hello Savings Classic Budget Happy Planner offers weekly expense charts, savings trackers, and account and debt management to keep you on track with your financial aspirations.

4. Take A Break Any Time

Sometimes you just need a week to decompress and not plan everything out. One of the perks of undated planners is that you can skip a week and you won’t be wasting any pages. This allows people who only want to plan for certain times of the year, such as the holidays or summer break, to do so!

And if you ever need to add more pages to your undated planner, Happy Planner’s Grounded Magic Filler Paper offers a week per page with no dates included. So you can extend the life of your undated planner to match your schedule.

Dream Big With Happy Planner!

Happy Planner is here to help you dream big and make the most of every season of your life. Have you fallen in love with one of our undated planners? Share your most recent planning pages with us on Instagram @the_happy_planner so we can enjoy your beautiful creations too!

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  • Reyna

    I’m looking for an undated monthly calendar with note pages. Someone on YouTube uses it; but I don’t see it. Thanks.

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