Leaves are falling and autumn is calling! Our NEW Fall Collection is here and we’re ready for sweater weather, pumpkin spice everything, festive gatherings, and all the spooks. If you’re wondering what’s the best way to welcome the start of the cozy seasons we’ve collected a bucket list of must-dos just for you!  

1. Visit a pumpkin patch. Some traditions are timeless. And most of us can remember our first trip to the pumpkin patch to select our very own seasonal squash. There’s probably patches popping up in your neighborhood right now. Grab the gang and go!  

2. Make caramel apples. Whether you go for caramel, candied, or chocolate dipped, this long-time fall fave is always a classic. Get creative and spice them up with nuts, dried fruit, chocolate drizzle or your favorite candy after the initial dip!  

3. Dress up a DIY Scarecrow. Whether you're decorating for spooky season or embracing the fall harvest, a DIY scarecrow is a crafty activity to involve the entire fam. Find some pieces from your own wardrobe, a thrift store, or clothes you planned to recycle.  

4. Go through a corn maze. Looking for an exciting challenge to tackle with a group of your besties? A corn maze is a great way to get lost in the season! 

5. Have a fall flavored baking spree. Who doesn’t get excited for pumpkin spice latte time? Thankfully, fall ushers in a whole host of flavors! Make a literal pie chart with one of our recipe organizers and put apple, sweet potato, and pecan on rotation (don’t forget to share with the neighbors).  

Southern Farmhouse Classic Recipe Organizer


6. Set up a festive photoshoot. The changing of the leaves practically begs to be captured on film. Whether you’re looking to blast your Instagram with some fabulous fits or savor the memories with loved ones in a Memory Keeping Photo Journal, fall colors create the perfect backdrop.  

Happy Memory Keeping® Rustic Blooms Big Photo Journal

7. Get crafty with nature. Maybe your door is looking a bit bare since summer ended. Get out and get crafting! Rake up some dried leaves and make a fall inspired wreath or press them in an old book. Make a collectable collage and pepper your home with some outdoor décor.  

8. Embrace the rain and go puddle hopping. Get the kids off the couch or tap into your inner child with a good, old-fashioned walk in the rain. Give yourself a reason to invest in a cute, new umbrella.  

9. Plant some fall bulbs for spring blooms. If you were ever thinking about getting into gardening, now might be the perfect time to start! Get a jumpstart on a spring garden by planting bulbs due to make their grand entrance in the spring! Planner Pro Tip: use our Happy Place gardening sticker book to plan ahead and manage your garden!  



10. Create a gratitude list. An oldie, but a goodie. Writing out a gratitude list is a great way to recenter and remind yourself what really matters. This could even be the start of your journaling journey! Why wait for the new year to make a resolution? If it’s your first time, you can get some inspiration from a guided gratitude journal which has guided prompts to help get you started. 

Happy Classic Guided Mood Tracker Journal


11. Pop some corn while it’s on the cob! Maybe you didn’t know this was possible, but you can pop corn while it’s still on the cob! Make that trip to the corn maze worthwhile... grab an ear of corn, place it in a brown paper bag, use the popcorn setting on your microwave, and watch it pop till it stops! Salt and butter to your liking and enjoy while watching your fave fall themed film. 

12. Start your holiday gift list. Before holiday season hits hard, grab your favorite notebook or try out our Feelin' Festive Be Happy Box to dedicate to your holiday gift list. Beat the rush, by planning ahead! Planner Pro Tip: Our Feelin' Festive Be Happy Box contains special filler paper designed specifically for gift lists and stocking stuffer ideas!

Feelin' Festive Be Happy Box


The list doesn’t have to end here! But we hope this gives you a great “starter pack” of ideas for your fall adventure. There’s a reason fall is a fan favorite of seasons – and however you choose to celebrate with our NEW Fall Collection we hope it’s happy! If you decide to try any of our ideas listed above, tag us on our socials @the_happy_planner! We’d love to see your fall flexes!  


Happy Planning! 


  • Barbara

    Great ideas 😍 Can’t wait to create my bucket list 😃 All the seasonal products from this fall release are amazing! They are cute and not childish. Exactly the design I love 🥰

  • Araceli A.

    Ohhhh! I regret not taking advantage of the 25% off everything sale. I was trying to be modest and frugal, because I already have plenty of stickers. The new stickers are just so lovely 😍! I did get some more holiday stickers… oh what is a Happy Gal to do?

  • elizabeth gutierrez

    your Fall Collection Release was absolutely stunning I am in the middle of a conflict do I hoard the stickers or do I use them? well I had to make an executive decision and I went to buy another set of sticker books that way I have the best of both worlds!!!!!!!!

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