Founded in 2006, National Pet Day was created to share the joys that pets bring into our lives while encouraging others to adopt from shelters. We love all our furry and scaly friends and the benefits they give us for our mental health. In correlation to April being Stress Awareness Month, we couldn’t have asked for better companions to help us through our day. To celebrate, we’ve asked our squad to share how they’re using this day to celebrate their pets! 

By: Mary Ellen Houston | @planningwithbumble

“This week was also Bumble's birthday week so I decided to make a cute page celebrating her! I printed out a cute pic of her and combined it with lots of adorable stickers from the Pets sticker book...Sometimes it's fun to make just a page celebrating something (or someone) you love!”


By: Karyna Soco-Kinsella | @karynalovestoplan

“Creating a memory planning spread for your puppy is really easy, especially when you use the monthly layout and take one photo for each day! Add boxes to write text, big letters to create big bold names, and little pictures of bones and other puppies to add fun designs!”


Mitchell Mollway | @thecraftydudeplanner

“Happy National Pet Day!! Today I am celebrating with my dog, Buffett! I made this scrapbook page to commemorate this special day, and everything that my dog likes and dislikes. This was so fun to do, especially since I could think all about my dog!”


We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on ways to celebrate your pet! Make sure you share your ideas (and photos of your pets) with us on social @the_happy_planner using #HPNationalPetDay2021.

Happy Planning!

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