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Follow through with all your 2022 goals and track your progress with your Happy Planner!

A new year represents a fresh start which makes it the perfect opportunity to set goals. We’ll be sharing inspiration for budget management goals, organized memory keeping, and overall wellness. Our Squad is here today to share their 2022 goals and aspirations and all the ways they’ll be using their favorite Happy Planner items to make it happen! 


By: Diana Siguas @planningplanningplanning

I decided that one of my goals this year would be to finally take full control over my finances. I want to budget the full 12 months of 2022 and set my savings goals. Budgeting has been a struggle for me over the years, since I would do it only sporadically. I would pay my bills, but I didn’t have a very clear idea of how much I was saving or how much I was spending in total during each month.

I have decided that 2022 will be different! After doing research, I am trying this strategy to accomplish my goal. I will be using the Know Your Worth Budget Classic Planner Companion for my budgeting goals.


Find your WHY? Why is this goal important for me? How will my life be better if I can accomplish this goal? How would I feel? Who I would be? Visualize and write it down.

How can I achieve this goal? What things were stopping me last time from reaching my goal? Brainstorm all your ideas. Then pick the top 3 or 4 most important ideas.

Plan all the main ideas. Schedule them in my planner (date + time). I decided I would not watch videos or TV, until I finished the budget task I scheduled for myself.

Schedule time to review progress and adjust as needed (every week, every month, every quarter).

Lastly, reward myself and celebrate all my successes that are putting me one step closer to achieving my goal!

budget planning



By: Ilysse Ratner @planwithilysse

When budgeting, it's important to be prepared for upcoming expenses. I made this page in my planner to track upcoming expenses outside of my normal monthly bills! The Value Pack Stickers - Budget  is perfect for create budgeting trackers.

budget tracker


BY: Emily and Rebecca Barham @we_stan_a_plan

memory tracker

We can’t wait to capture our favorite memories in 2022! We plan to draw a doodle that represents our favorite memory each month. It will be so fun to look back at the end of the year and reminisce! We used the Letter Stickers to create a fun title to our tracker!

We set a goal to read 1 book each month in 2022. This tracker will keep track of all the books we read over the year! We plan to color in the books as we read them, but you could also add the title of the book, too. Or both! We loved using the Plant a Happy Life Be Happy Box sticker book to decorate our tracker.

book tracker



By Ilianna Nitsika @ilianne.on.paper

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars". I decided to dedicate the first mood tracker of the year.. to the stars! 

I used stickers from the Value Pack Stickers - Stargazer and some fun constellation stickers from the Value Pack Stickers - Zodiac . I doodled a cute little telescope that aims to the sky in which there are many fun galaxy doodles!

Now I can color each and every one of them according to my mood! I used some cute star stickers from the Value Pack Stickers - Color Your Own to make a small mood tracker log and chose to go with fun metallic pens to make the page look super interesting when it’s all filled out! 

mood tracker



By: Deatrice McFadden @deeplannerbabe

When you reflect on your thoughts and actions, you progressively grow as a person. In the last few months of 2021, I have been intentional about journaling more. This is one thing that I would like to take into 2022. However, with this approach I’d like to make sure that I am also adding the element of reflection. While journaling is a good way to document your day, I want to do more reflecting instead. 

I think that I will benefit more from reflecting each day and making sure that the actions that I am taking are those that are more meaningful and align with the goals that I have set for myself. I have made a Journal Tracker so that I can see my progress while holding myself accountable for this habit that I hope to create. 

wellness journal

Each week I will prepare one of my filler sheets from the Let Your Heart Wander Classic Planner Companion to set my focus for the week. Who doesn’t need stickers with inspirational quotes to keep you inspired? I recommend the Value Pack Stickers - Let Your Heart Wander. These sheets will go right into my journal as a daily reminder.



By: Keisha Dingle @ladyandherplans

It’s that time of year again planner babes! I’m so excited because the 2022 Planners by The Happy Planner are unmatched!

I will be “Frankenplanning” three classic sized  happy planners for next year!

Frankenplanning is the concept of taking inserts out of different happy planners of your choice and customizing your planner to your own needs and style.

Sounds fun right? Here’s a couple of  steps that you can use to customize a happy planner of your own!

First, select the happy planners of your choice.

I will be using 3 happy planners:

  • Vertical layout (weekly planning)
  • Monthly layout (daily to-do list)
  • Daily layout (social media planning)

Next, take 3 months of inserts out of each planner and combine them into one. (Note: I only use three months at a time so that my planner won’t become too bulky). I also add blank filler paper for note taking.

And that’s it! You have created your very own customized Happy Planner! I love customizing my happy planner because it helps me stay focused on crushing my goals every year!

happy planners


By: An Le  @anplans

I've always stuck to one planner in the past but wanted to expand and have different planners for different things. Frankenplanning seemed like a lot of work, but it's so much easier than taking a planner out one by one when I needed it. This way, I'll have about 2 months of each planner that I need all in one! I love it and am so excited to get started. 2022 is going to be fantastic!

Planners included are: 

2022 In Every Season Classic Vertical Happy Planner - 12 Months

Undated Hello Savings Classic Budget Happy Planner - 12 Months

2022 Foodie Classic Meal Planning Happy Planner - 12 Months

Be Happy Box - Plant a Happy Life Undated Planner

Undated Beautiful Balance Wellness

savings tracker


By: Aya Kato  @aya.plans

My 2022 planner setup is all about Frankenplanning different Happy Planner layouts to customize my planner to be the most functional for me. That’s what’s so great about the disc-bound planner system!

I love the vertical layout as my catchall planner! For journaling, I am using the horizontal layout because the lines are perfect for writing. The dashboard layout will house all my social media to-do’s. I’m using labeled dividers to separate the different planners I will be combining into my catchall. This makes it easy to flip right to the specific section I’m looking for.

My 2022 planner setup contains multiple different layouts in one planner, making my planner functional by not having to carry around multiple different planners!



We hope you found some inspiration and are motivated to take on the new year! We’d like to extend a special thank you to our Squad for sharing their goals. Share your 2022 goals with us on social @the_happy_planner and be sure to share your wonderful spreads and goal trackers! 

Happy New Year!



  • Christy Leggett

    Thanks so much for all your inspiration, this is awesome!!!! Ya’ll gave me so many great ideas, I can’t wait to get started on a brand new year! I LOVE MY HAPPY PLANNER (S) THANKS SO MUCH

  • Mandy Alejandro

    Love them allllll 😍

  • Tracy Brown

    I just love the bright letters! It’s a nice break from the florals and more subdued colors of the past few years!

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