As planners, we love setting goals! So, we’re here to talk about setting and achieving your New Year’s resolutions for 2024! It never hurts to get a head start. Last year, we talked about making your goals small, but mighty. It’s always good to be realistic and set the bar at a reasonable level. This year we’re using NEW dated and undated planners and organizational essentials from our Fall and Winter Collections as a jumping off point. We're getting back to basics, with an emphasis on savoring those special moments in life.  
We encourage you to keep a positive mindset when planning for the future and know your limits. Whether your goals are rooted in wellness, fitness, budgeting, or just getting organized, we think it’s important to take time out to appreciate and treasure the people and things around you! Have your aspirations and remember what grounds you.   


Fitness is one of the most common resolutions people set in the new year. And it might be yours! Simplify your fitness goals with our new Bold Tiles Guided Journal specially designed to encourage you to get fit (whatever that looks like for you). Stay on track with the provided prompts and monitor your sleep and water intake. Our Undated Fitness All-Stars Happy Planner and sticker pack work hand-in-hand. Plug the stickers into the vertical layout to track your personal bests and plan your workouts by the month or week.   

If you’re looking for a dated variety of planner to kick off 2024, our 2024 Be Bold Fitness Happy Planner comes in a Skinny Classic size. It’s perfect for pre-planning your workouts and tossing in your bag on the way to the gym! 


Taking care of the mind is just important as the body! We thought it’d be helpful to include some wellness planners in our latest collections so you can focus on practicing self-care habits in the new year. The vertical layout in our Undated New Aura Happy Planner is perfect to use with the complementary sticker pack. Create personal check ins whenever you feel you need it, track your habits, set intentions, and reflect on your days. Take time for you each week to recenter and reconnect with yourself!  

Our 2024 Organic Wellness Happy Planner comes predated so you can jump right into beginning your wellness journey. Engage in gratitude, maintain weekly goals, and put yourself first! The warm colors and abstract designs create an oasis in your in your planner-sphere.     

A guided journal is a great way to take your self-care routine to the next level with daily and weekly check-ins. Our Classic Ditsies Guided Mood Journal perfect for when you want to reflect, but aren’t sure how to get started. Inside, you’ll find prompts to reflect on your days, focus on the highlights, and even record what songs are making you happy!  


Is building a better budget in your future? Making your money work for you is a great goal to have! Our Undated Big Dollar Energy Happy Planner and accompanying sticker pack will help you track weekly expenses, keep tabs on your accounts, and see where you’re spending. Use the stickers to set yourself reminders when bills are due. The Bold Simplicity Guided Journal has pages to notate bill schedules, set monthly goals, track debts, review your budget, and create a savings plan  

Keep your budget low and your planner compact with our 2024 Bright Budget Happy Planner in our convenient Skinny Mini size. It’s perfect for the beginner trying to monitor spending or an advanced saver who loves organization! The colorful prints make the building a budget a brighter task.  


2024 is going to be a year to remember! And we’re giving you more ways to make the most of the memories. If you’re aiming to add more creativity into your day-to-day our pre-templated memory keeping photo journals are ideal. We’ve created NEW photo journals especially for two of life’s most major events: planning a wedding and having a baby. Whether you’re approaching the main event or your photos have been waiting for the right home, you can use these journals to savor the memories for years to come! 

We hope there’s more happy in store in 2024! And we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner. If you have any ideas or goals you’d like to share with us, please, let us know on our socials @the_happy_planner. Our community is full of goal-oriented planners who always have the most amazing ideas! We appreciate all of you. 


Happy planning!  

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