National BFF Day

For National Best Friends Day we’re sharing our favorite ways to show we care! Whether you’re spending time together or separated by distance, you can appreciate friendship no matter what. Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate.

1. Plan a picnic date. As summer approaches, it’s the best time to pack up a picnic basket and enjoy a day outside at the park or beach. Grab you and your BFF’s favorite snacks and drinks and spend the day lounging together and catching up!

2. Spa day! Self care is always important. Take a day together to get massages, facials, and relax. A home spa day is just as good! Pick up your favorite sheet masks, throw on a movie, and lounge on the couch.

3. Girls night in! Have a classic slumber party. Pick up takeout, chill in your PJs, and binge-watch a TV series together.

4. Arts and crafts day. Take it back with some classic arts and crafts projects. Make matching tie dye tees, beaded friendship bracelets, have a paint night, or make each other DIY cards using cute stickers from the Stick Girl Value Pack Sticker Book.
5. Go on a hike. Explore the outdoors together! Plan a sunrise or sunset hike and spend time together while enjoying all the views.
6. Take a road trip. Cross off this major bucket list item with your BFF. Plan the road trip of your dreams, research stops you can make along the way, and be sure to get that playlist ready before you head out!
7. Try a new workout class. Want to try something new? Look up pilates classes, spin workouts, or even goat yoga. Pick something you’ve never done and you’ll always remember that first experience you had together.
8. Host a game night. We love a good game night. Pick your favorites or test your trivia knowledge. This is a great way to get together and have some fun.
9. Go to a concert. Concerts are back! Check out your local venues or look up tour dates of your favorite artists. You can also check out restaurants with live music!
10. Catch up with coffee. Always feel like you’re trying to fit dates into your busy schedule? The classic coffee date is a great way to get out and catch up if you only have an hour to spare. Make sure to save the date on your dry erase board with the Stick Girl Dry Erase Removable Decals.
11. Read a book together. Start your own club and choose a book to read together! Follow along the story with your best friend and have discussions together as you make your way through.
12. Give them a call. Want to show your bestie that you care? Simply give them a phone call. When life gets busy, the best thing you can do is to show that you‘re still there whenever they need you.

No matter where your lives have taken you, you’ll always have your best friend. Show your appreciation for all that they are and everything they do. Share your ideas with our community and tag us in all the photos of you and your bestie @the_happy_planner.

Happy Planning!


  • Christina

    Love this!! Ready for some spa day!

  • Ann

    Love these ideas! Can’t wait to start checking these off my bucket list with my girlfriends!

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