No matter what your resolutions are, there's a goal setting planner to help you on your journey!


Year over year, one of the top goals on everyone’s list is to work on physical fitness. This can be especially challenging on busy days where you’d rather do anything than work out. But like any goal, you can set yourself up for success by planning ahead! Our fitness planner layout includes daily spaces to log exercise and food. By adding workouts to your everyday routine, it will encourage you to stay true to your workout plan. Whether you’re fitting in a workout class, weight training, or adding 20 minutes of cardio into every day, integrating these life changes into your plans will keep you on track!

Featured Planner: 2022 Reach New Heights Fitness Planner


If your 2022 goal is to cut back on takeout and delivery, meal planning might be a solution for you! Our meal planning layout helps you plan/organize meals ahead of time (and probably save you some serious bucks). For something you do every day (eating), meal planning can be stressful. To combat this, our meal planning layout includes daily spaces to plan out your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This allows you to work ahead and make sure you have all the ingredients to prepare your meals. Combat the drive thru by organizing your meals at the beginning of the week so you have everything ready to go!


Featured Planners: 2022 Happiness is Homemade Meal Planner2022 Foodie Meal Planner


Speaking of saving money, budgeting is one of the biggest and most difficult goals to tackle. Our budget planner is catered to help you organize expenses, set goals, monitor progress, and give you savings challenges. The first step to saving is seeing where your money goes and there’s no better way to track it. Be sure to check out our previous blog for in-depth tips on how to budget better and save more!

Featured Planner: 2022 Bright Places Budget Planner


Wellness comes in all kinds of forms. As you nurture your body, it’s also important to take time to focus on your well-being. If the idea of journaling is overwhelming, a wellness planner might be the perfect middle ground! Our layout includes daily boxes with space to focus on gratitude, reflection, and intentions. This allows you to take a moment for yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Featured Planner: 2022 Listen to your Heart Mini Wellness Planner


If you’re someone looking to bring faith into your everyday life, we have you covered. Our faith planner provides space to write scriptures and observations. Take what you’ve learned and write down applications and all the ways you can live by your faith. This layout is great for Bible study or to be used as a personal journal. Use this as a standalone planner or include these pages into your everyday catchall planner to bring these practices into your everyday life.


Featured Planners: 2022 Spoonful of Faith Pray Big Faith Planner & 2022 Spoonful of Faith Good Things Faith Planner

With your ever changing lifestyle and new goals, we hope to help you on your different journeys. Share your 2022 goals with us on social @the_happy_planner so we can cheer you on. You got this!

Happy Planning!


  • Kerry Nelson

    Love your journals and sticker books. I work at a grocery outlet and we got some in, I also have the recipe journal it’s so nice to write all my recipes in one book. My daughter’s are happy about that,they want it one day when I’m anyway I’m on your website and can’t wait to buy mote.

  • Pamela J Spitzer

    Hello! How do I get dated calendar pages for existing planners, without buying a whole new planner? I have 2 of the 7 ring planners, and am getting the magic box planner hopefully. Thank you!

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